Tomorrow I can save the world, today I’ll just be a silly girl..

February 2, 2013

So after the initial excitement of being chosen as one of the GFWC ambassadors for the Shot@Life program began to wear off (well…. enough so that I could focus on something else), I started to plan (and panic) about what to wear.  I know it is totally vain and silly, but there is a fine line between professional and frumpy.  We all know a “belle” should never be frumpy and always abide by
this rule.

Never leave the house in sweats.  A girl must be prepared to meet a dashing stranger or an old enemy

And I know my luck, the one time my hair is in a ponytail with no makeup, I’ll bump into the one person I didn’t want to see me (but that is for another rant).  It isn’t being ridiculous, it is an ugly fact about society.  We highly value appearances.  One of my college organic chemistry professors didn’t shave and rarely cleaned under her finger nails (this was a problem because she was an avid gardener).  I refused to ever take her seriously because of her lack of personal hygiene.  I will also never forget her either (and that isn’t a good thing because I can’t remember anything she taught me).  I also work better and feel better, when I am “put together” as they say.  I can put on my Burberry scarf, along with a coat of lipstick and mascara, and I am ready to take on the world!

My Southern roots go much deeper than my accent (or my haircolor).  I like dresses, heels, and pearls of course!  I reluctantly asked about the dress code for Summit, thankfully she reassured me I wasn’t the first to ask.  She told me business casual, which stirred a new debate about what exactly business casual meant among some of the girls.  It didn’t matter to me, I knew I would wear dresses, heels, and hosiery. I will publicly admit I have a new obsession with patterned hosiery (that my husband feels looks trashy no matter the brand or pattern).  I think patterned hose are trendy and stylish, but I wasn’t sure if they were appropriate for Capitol Hill.  I am also guilty of being one of those people that if they don’t know the answer, they google it.  Yes, I googled if patterned hosiery was appropriate business wear… please don’t judge me 😉  I stumbled across a new wonderful blog in the process.

Capitol Hill Style (She has some wonderful fashion advice for all budgets and nice tips on hosiery!)

So I’m more than a week out from leaving for Washington D.C., and my suitcase is packed (it was actually packed yesterday but I was waiting on UPS to deliver my Cole Haan Nike Air heels today).  My jewelry is packed in baggies by outfit/day.  I will need to put my makeup and hair tools into my bag that morning, but I am prepared (at least physically).

Mentally, I am fussing at myself for being neurotic about my clothes instead of focusing on the task at hand.  The next week I am going to devote to brainstorming so I have thoughts and ideas to share during training.  I am also trying to meet all my new “teammates” because over the next year we have to work as a team to help advocate for Shot@Life.  I am guilty of browsing everyone’s facebook page, so I can get a feel for who they are (feel free to browse mine back) .  I also also interested in finding out about how everyone got involved in advocacy.  We all seem to have a story to share.  A special shout out to Myrdin for putting up with all my questions and pestering.. Also if you don’t like cameras or having your picture taken, I’m probably not the person to hang out with but I am sure if you browsed my facebook page you will realize that.

5 Facts you should probably know about me:
1. I have a THICK southern accent, if you don’t understand something I said, just ask me to repeat it I      won’t be offended.

2.  My brother was murdered a few years ago.   I don’t mind talking about it, but it seems to startle others when I first tell them.

3.  I don’t mind voicing my opinion but I also pride myself in respecting the opinions of others.

4.  My son just turned 3 and we have never slept in separate rooms, and certainly never spent the night apart.  My first time away will be in D.C., I might be a tad neurotic.

5. Always smile around me, you never know when I might be snapping a photo and you might end up in the frame!

I am so excited about meeting everyone!  Congrats again and Good luck!  See all of you in D.C.


6 comments on “Tomorrow I can save the world, today I’ll just be a silly girl..”

  1. Awesome! I’m glad it’s not just me. The morning after I was selected, I sat straight up in bed with the thought – what on earth am I going to WEAR? I’m still deciding, especially about shoes (I have very tender tootsies!), but I’ll come up with something fabulous or die trying! Looking forward to meeting you next week.

    1. Thanks, I think all the newbies are like this! I was rethinking my wardrobe tonight and actually emailed my sister pics of my dresses and shoes.. lol Hope you find good shoes! I wore mine around the house today just to get a good trial run!

  2. After reading this I can hardly wait to meet you. I adore heels but prefer to pair them with skinny jeans. We can still be friends, right? I hope so because I had a roommate in college from South Carolina and I’ve missed her accent terribly.

    1. Thanks Emily, look forward to meeting you too! We can be besties! 😉 I am addicted to skinny jeans. Do you know where in South Carolina? I lived in Charleston twice. I think that is partially to blame for my very unique accent. One more week!

  3. I just love you, your honesty and your blog. You are going to be wonderful. I was born and raise in Mexico, so I have a thick Mexican accent and I love it. I am the only girl on a family of six so I love pretty dresses, heels, and pearls of course and everything pretty. I am not going to the summit this year but I can hardly wait to meet you and work together in the future. Enjoy it is to be wonderful and you will have the best support and help.

    1. Thank you, I look forward to meeting you and working with you too! I write my blog to relax . I am the oldest of 4, my parents had 2 girls and 2 boys. My sister is the baby, she is just as prissy as I am.

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