First Date: Unconventional Isn’t So Bad

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I write this post fearing that it will just jinx me.  I am writing it for my friends who fear the inevitable
first date and who are struggling with relationships like me.  We can all agree that first dates might be exciting but they are also terrifying.  What if he doesn’t like me?  What if I don’t like him?  What if we don’t have anything to talk about? I am guilty of constantly worrying about “What if?”.

Talking about first dates is kind of taboo.   It can seriously backfire if you act too interested in anyone.  We are often afraid of our own feelings or putting too much weight into first impressions.  We often fail to realize how important our first impressions are of people.  It is easy to be fooled but it is a greater tragedy to guard yourself so much that you scare others off.  There is a delicate line between acting disinterested and being too engaged.  Why does it have to be like that?  Why can’t we tell people we like them and enjoy their company?

It is going to be difficult to share details without possibly giving away who my date was, luckily I think he is a pretty good sport.  He asked me to a very large local charity function.  I have worked this function several times in the past and also attended as a guest.  I knew it would be fun.  I failed to realize that his employer was also a sponsor, and that we would be sitting at a table with his bosses.  I knew it was time to turn on my southern charm.  It wasn’t awkward or scary, it was fun and relaxed.  It was interesting to watch him interact with his co-workers and employers.  He was charming, friendly, and it was apparent how much they all adore him.  I have to admit, it made me like him more.

We laughed at the random silent auction items.  We admired the wide variety of attire by people watching.  We drank only enough to ease the usual tension of a first date and then we kissed…

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First dates are often accompanied by a first kiss or in my case first kisses.  We were in crowded tent, with loud music, and dancing couples, and the second we leaned it was like everything stopped.  We could have been the only two people there for all we knew.  It was gentle and sweet, like a first kiss should be.  It was almost perfect, and for me perfection rarely happens.  It wasn’t our last kiss of the evening, and I am sadly but gladly breaking the rule that, “a lady should never kiss and tell..”

We people watched, laughed, and danced the evening away.  It was the most unconventional first date ever but it was perfect.  I hope no one assumes I am implying anything about my relationship with him.  Who knows where life will take us.  I just couldn’t imagine a more perfect evening especially for a girl who just left a very turmoil filled relationship.  He was a gentleman.  He was kind, sweet, and he always made me feel like I was the only girl in the room.  Every woman should be treated that way by a man on a first date or a 50th.  It was the date we both deserved.  We made out like teenagers in the front seat of his car (totally PG guys, don’t get any ideas) and he kissed me goodnight.

Photo Credit: Pinterest 

I hope some of my friends will read this post and have the courage to get out there.  Your past is your past for a reason, and it should stay there.  Don’t let bad relationships scare you away from the potential of a good one.  You could be pleasantly surprised what you might find if you open yourself up to it.

A very special thank you to the gentleman who didn’t just inspire me to write this post, but also encouraged me.

Also don’t try to understand all the photos….. 😉

Happy Smiling Saturday

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