#SheetsAndGiggles by Angel Soft® so you aren’t #SheetOutOfLuck

July 21, 2014
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So #SheetHappens… I’m talking about those uncomfortable moments in the bathroom when you realize that you are out of toilet paper. If you are lucky, those moments happen at home when you have someone who will hear your cry for help. My last #SheetHappens moment was at my son’s soccer game. I needed to use the restroom so bad and I never thought about checking the port-a-pottie for toilet paper.
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My sigh of relief quickly turned into an #OhSheet moment when I realized there was no toilet paper. This always seems to be the case, especially in public restrooms. Toilet paper seems to disappear quite quickly. Sometimes, this is due to people using too much toilet paper when they go to the restroom. Not only does this cause #OhSheet moments for the next user, but it also can lead to clogged toilets if too much toilet paper is used. This happened to a friend of mine, but she was able to call out a plumbing company to unclog the pipes, allowing her toilet to flush again. She contacted americaneagleplumbing.net/services/clogged-toilet-repair/ to fix her toilet. If people carry on flushing too much toilet roll, they’ll also have to contact some plumbers.

Anyway, my son recently had an awkward bathroom experience. We were coming home from a trip to Chicago and due to traffic our 7 hour road trip took close to 9.5 hours. Everyone in the car needed a break and we stopped by a restaurant with an indoor playground for lunch. My 4.5 year old son Gabe needed to use the restroom. An older lady I estimated to be in her 70’s followed us into the restroom and we held the door for her. There were only two restrooms in the bathroom and she entered the stall next to us.
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It is hard to politely describe the noises that came from her stall. She was having some obvious intestinal discomfort, and let out a very noisy fart followed by a rather loud sigh of relief. #SheetHappens and I wouldn’t have thought twice about it, but I have a very kind and outgoing son. Gabe yells out across the stall, “Do you feel better?” I know she heard him, and I tried my best to keep from laughing and prevent him from realizing that she had ignored him. Gabe was just being polite and I was completely mortified. We waited patiently until she left the bathroom because I couldn’t bear to face her or chance that Gabe would look her in the eye to ask if she was okay. I was thankful that it wasn’t a true #SheetHappens moment; could you imagine how embarrassing it would have been if either of us didn’t have toilet paper in our stall?
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