Choosing Custom Upholstery with Wayfair

Thanks to Wayfair for sponsoring today’s post.

My fiance and I just recently finished our new home. We have embarked on the daunting task of trying to decorate it. I have been doing it room by room, and prioritizing the rooms we use the most. I finally got around to decorating Jeremy’s office. It is a beautiful space, and almost has panoramic views of the farm. Since I am a Wayfair Homemaker, I thought I would check out their selection of seating and sofas. They recently added custom upholstery options to select furniture pieces. I fell in love with this gorgeous sofa.

Wayfair Josephine Sofa


The space is slightly unusual, Jeremy’s office is in the “turret” of the house. There are four windows and not a lot of wall space. Please excuse the mess you are about to see. Gabe has occasionally used the office as his playroom.







Our plan is to add a couch, two chairs, a desk, a large rug, and window treatments. The wall paint is from the Valspar National Trust for Historic Preservation line, and the ceiling is a magnificent light blue. I knew I needed to see swatches before I ordered a sofa.

Wayfair fabric swatches


I chose the swatches on and they arrived in the mail several days later. I loved being able to see the colors in person, and feel the types of material they offered.

I immediately eliminated the blue swatch. It was a lovely blue, but just the wrong shade for our office. I took the remaining three swatches to the office to check them out in natural light.

One thing many people forget when choosing paint or fabric is that colors will look different throughout the day. They can seem lighter or darker dependent upon the amount of light they receive. It is best to look at a swatch in the morning, afternoon, and at night with the interior lights on.

I took a few photo of swatches next to the wall at various times during the day. You can see a huge difference in the appearance of the wall color.

IMG_5275 IMG_5277




Jeremy loved the red, but I thought it would make the office look too “red, white, and blue”. I also knew the lighter tan would never hold up to two dogs, a cat, and a four year old. I ultimately chose the darker tan color for my sofa, Bevin Driftwood. The sofa cost roughly $1,200, so I felt like I was getting a steal. The website estimated it would take 3 to 4 weeks for the sofa to ship.

Sofas and other seating help create a foundation for a room. It is easier to select window treatments, and rugs once you have chosen the style and color of your sofa. Wayfair definitely made it easier for me to decorate Jeremy’s office, and create the look that I wanted.

Have you had any home decorating dilemmas?



Disclaimer: I received compensation in exchange for this post, however all opinions contained herein are entirely my own. Please see full disclosure for further information.


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