Emergency Preparedness with Milkman® Instant Milk

milkman instant milk
October 20, 2014

Thanks to Milkman® for sponsoring today’s post.

The entire state of Kentucky goes into panic mode when the weatherman speaks of snow, ice, or flooding. We aren’t use to extended periods of bad weather, and residents flock to their neighborhood grocery stores to gather necessities such as bread, eggs, and milk. Milkman® Instant Low Fat Dry Milk makes it easier for you to prepare for bad weather or emergency conditions which can make it difficult to get to the store.

Milkman instant milk

A few years ago we were without electricity for 6 days; it isn’t uncommon in rural areas that there are periods of snow, ice, or flooding when people can’t get to the store for 3-4 days. If you keep a few packets of Milkman® on hand, you won’t have to worry about getting to the store before bad weather strikes.

Milkman® is also great for hiking, hunting, and boating, One packet of Milkman® makes 1 quart of milk. You just need 32 ounces of water.

milkman instant milk

I mixed Milkman® using a large lidded measuring container. I measured 16 ounces of water from my refrigerator and poured the packet on top of the water. I capped the container and shook well. I was actually amazed at how quickly it dissolved. I poured that mixture into my pitcher and added another 16 ounces of water. I had milk instantly. You can just as easily mix in a large container using a spoon.

We used it in our breakfast cereal, coffee, and hot chocolate. You can also bake with Milkman®, use it in any recipe that calls for milk.

Milkman instant milk

milkman instant milk

Milkman® contains real cream which gives it the same flavor as fresh milk. The powder dissolves completely, so you don’t have to worry about clumps or unusual texture. It is low-fat and nutritious, and starting this month Milkman® is eliminating all GMO ingredients.

You can order Milkman® directly from their site, or it is available through several online retailers including Amazon and REI. It is also available in REI stores.

milkman instant milk

What do you do to prepare for bad weather?


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  1. We lost power for several days after Hurricane Sandy and it was awful. I’ll never be without food reserves again!

  2. I have a few packs of Milkman in my pantry that I’m keeping there all winter long in case of a power outage. Great stuff!

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