Top 10 Reasons to get a Cricut Explore

I don’t consider myself to be “crafty”. I was surprised when Cricut approached me about working on the Design Space campaign; I thought to myself, “I can’t make all those pretty things that craft bloggers make.” I quickly discovered that with the Cricut Explore I can be crafty. I have only had my machine for a few short months and now it is hard to imagine crafting without it. I thought I would share my top 10 reasons to get a Cricut Explore, and a little Black Friday surprise!

Cricut Explore

Reason 1: The Cricut Explore is great for beginners and experienced crafters. When I browsed through all of the projects that had been created with the Cricut Explore, I was amazed that a few of those projects had been designed by inexperienced crafters like myself. You should check out Cricut’s Pinterest Board here; you might see a few of my projects on there.

Reason 2: It is super easy to set up and to install the Design Space software. When my Cricut Explore arrived I had never set up or used a similar machine, and it was a breeze. I was ready to cut, write, or score in just a few minutes.

Reason 3: Cricut Explore can cut, write, or score. It is a very versatile machine and transitions between modes easily. You can even use the scoring tool (sold separately) to create boxes and envelopes.


Reason 4: Materials, materials, materials… You can cut so many different types of materials using the Cricut Explore. Other machines can cut basic things like cardstock or posterboard, but can they cut balsa wood or cork? The deep cutting blade can cut thicker materials, and gives you greater design flexibility.

Reason 5: The Cricut Explore can perform very precise cuts allowing you to create intricate designs. I have been working on Christmas card designs and I cut the deer and stag heads pictured above down to 3/4 inch. They were tiny and entirely intact. The machine didn’t drag or tear my materials.

Top 10 Reasons to choose a Cricut

Reason 6: Can we say Design Space? The Cricut Explore can be used with Design Space. You can create your own vector or use one of the available designs in Design Space. It is very affordable at $9.99 per month. You can find layered images and fonts to help you create the perfect design.

Reason 7: There is an app! what do you think about that? The iPad app,which is compatible with the Bluetooth adapter, will be launching in January. You will be able to design on the go, and your designs will be saved into your Design Space.

Photo Ornament

Reason 8: Did your computer die? Worried about losing your design files? When you use Design Space they are saved online, so you don’t have to panic. Visiting friends or family that have a Cricut Explore? You can access your designs saved in Design Space.

Reason 9: Cartridge or Design Space? The Cricut Explore leaves that decision up to you. You can use the cartridges from previous Cricut machines, or use Design Space to design or purchase files.

Reason 10: Cricut Explore outperformed Silhouette Cameo in independent laboratory tests. Please don’t take my word for it! You should look at the laboratory findings for yourself here.

Don’t “Let it Go”: buy your Cricut Explore this Black Friday and save a bundle! Did you catch my “Let it Go” reference? There are now files available to purchase in Design Space for Disney’s Frozen, this would be very helpful to all the #DisneySide moms. The designs will be available on cartridges in 2015.

Cricut and Frozen


Just in time for your holiday crafts, Cricut is hosting amazing sales on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and on CyberMonday. See all the details below:

Bluetooth Explore Bundle
Thanksgiving and Black Friday:
Valid: 11/27-11/28

Thanksgiving & Black Friday Sale: Cricut Explore $219 + $30 off all Explore Bundles

Cyber Monday:
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Cyber Monday Sale: Cricut Explore just $229 & $20 off all Explore Bundles

Additional Coupons:


$5 Off Orders $50+

Valid: 11/1-11/30

Get free shipping to the U.S. all month with code FREESHIPNOV

Check out these sweet deals on the Cricut Explore before the sales are over!

Happy Thanksgiving,






Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post and contains affiliate links, however all opinions contained herein are my own.

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