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This is Me

This post was sponsored by domain.ME and is part of the #ThisIsMe campaign; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I’m happy to be ME. Many people make resolutions to change who they are or what they don’t like about themselves. I don’t want to spend this year focusing on how to change ME, but I do want to improve ME. This is ME, and I hope to spend more time embracing and celebrating ME.

This is me

 My primary resolution this year was to take better care of ME. I neglected myself emotionally, physically, and even spiritually the past few years. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 39, yet I haven’t had a mammogram in nearly 2 years. It wasn’t that I didn’t have insurance; I told myself I didn’t have the time, yet I had time for other meaningless things.

I allowed what I believed to be a running injury to linger on for nearly 18 months without seeking a second opinion. When I finally made myself take time to go to the doctor, I discovered it was a long term vitamin D deficiency that caused osteoporosis and resulted in degenerative disk disease. I’m not even 35 years old, and the damage is not completely repairable. Who will make time for ME if I won’t?

What kind of example am I setting for my son? He should watch his mother invest time in herself so that he can see the importance of investing in himself. Our children are always watching, and often mimic our behavior. I want Gabe to see that he should properly care for his body and mind.

I’m a people pleaser; this personality trait might seem endearing to some but it has often had disastrous consequences for me. I get so lost in trying to make sure everyone else’s needs feel met that I neglect my own. Why is it so hard to put ME first?

This is me!

Here are a few goals that I have set to celebrate ME:

  • I plan to exercise more. You only have one body and you can’t always undo the damage that you do. I want my some of my exercise to include activities with my son. I want him to see me celebrating ME.
  • I want to write more about ME and about things that I love. I worked most of the year as a news reporter, and I spent more time telling other people’s stories than I did telling mine. I feel like I started to lose my “voice” which is one of my writing strengths, and demonstrated the uniqueness of ME.
  • Remind myself that it’s okay to say no. I shouldn’t over commit myself just to please someone else.
  • I want to volunteer more time in my community. I hope to raise a charitable and kind son. He is old enough to volunteer with me, and experience the joys of helping someone in need. It is important to lead by example.
  • I will schedule regular healthcare exams and tests as recommended by my healthcare team. It’s important to take medication as prescribed and any necessary vitamin supplements.

I’m working to embrace ME. I love myself for better or for worse, and I just hope to improve ME.

Today’s post was inspired by “ME Day” which was created by domain.ME. “ME Day” will be held March 16, 2015, and is meant to “celebrate the values of diversity, tolerance and freedom, as well as self-appreciation and importance of taking care of ourselves”. You can read more about “ME Day” on their website or social channels found below. You could even get a customized domain.ME in celebration of “ME Day”.

How do you plan to celebrate ME Day? What are you doing this year to take better care of yourself?








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