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Who has time to be sick? What if you had access to a doctor on demand? Who really has time to sit in a germ infested doctor’s office for hours waiting to be seen? And then you’re lucky if you get 15 minutes with the doctor, hoping you didn’t catch something even worse in the process. Probably the worst scenario is getting sick and not having health insurance, and possibly paying several hundred dollars for an office visit. What if you had an alternative? There is a new service called Doctor on Demand. The service is as simple as downloading an application to your smartphone, tablet, or computer, and for a flat fee they can connect you to a licensed medical provider in your state who administers your visit using the microphone and camera on your device. There are no extended wait times, no exorbitant fees, and no germ-ridden office; the doctor is truly on demand. If this sounds great, they will make it sound even better by offering your first visit free (code at the bottom of the page).

Dr on Demand

Doctor on Demand works by scheduling appointments with physicians, psychologists, and lactation consultants which are licensed to practice in the state in which you’re located. You can download an application to your smartphone or tablet, or you can connect via the web on your laptop or desktop computer. The healthcare provider will video chat with you using the microphone and video on your device. They may prescribe necessary medications that can be called into your preferred local pharmacy. Doctor on Demand physicians are routinely used for common ailments such as: cold, flu, sore throat, urinary tract infection, travel, rashes, diarrhea, vomiting, sports injuries, and eye conditions.

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The fees can be less than the cost of a co-pay for your insurance. Here is a basic idea of what a visit will cost you:

Dr on Demand

Check out this video to get an idea of what your visit would be like:

I recently started having some lower back pain and I found myself urinating frequently. I was suspicious that I was starting to get a kidney infection despite my efforts to prevent it. I logged onto my computer and visited the website Doctor on Demand. You have two available options, you can see a doctor almost immediately or you can schedule an appointment. I entered my code for a free visit, and I was connected with a physician. It wasn’t much different than a typical office visit, except I didn’t have extended wait periods. My physician asked me about my medical history and current symptoms. The entire process took roughly 20 minutes and I had a prescription and diagnosis.

Doctor on Demand offers appointments for lactation consultants too. I struggled with breastfeeding Gabe. I worried if he was latching properly or if I was producing enough milk. It was expensive to see a lactation consultant, and it was difficult to relax in a strange office. Doctor on Demand would be a great option for women who need a lactation consultant.



You can create an account and enter the code for a later use. It’s a free visit with no strings attached.

What’s the longest you have waited in a doctor’s office. I think we waited nearly 2 hours once

Please note that I’m not a licensed healthcare provider, and I’m sharing my personal opinion about this service with you. If you’re having a medical emergency, you should seek medical attention or call 911.


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