Helpful Cleaning Tips For An Open Kitchen

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I love having an open floor plan. I enjoy being able to chat with my family or friends while I prepare dinner or do the dishes. Since I spend a lot of time there, I appreciate that I don’t feel disconnected from the rest of the house. On the downside, it’s the first room in the house that people see when they walk in; they’re either impressed by it or horrified by how dirty it is. That’s why you should always aspire to keep it as tidy and hygienic as possible at all times. This can be hard to do, though you may want to check out a page such as to give yourself a better idea of how you can achieve this. I’m sharing a few helpful cleaning tips for an open floor-plan kitchen and a peek inside my own home.

cleaning tips for an open kitchen

I panic any time I receive an unexpected knock on the door. I hate the sense of anxiety I get when someone walks into my house and it’s dirty. A few dishes in the sink might be expected, but cluttered and dirty countertops aren’t acceptable. There is absolutely no hiding a dirty kitchen in my home. When people enter, it’s the first room they pass through on their way to our main living space and dining room. We live on a working farm; dirt and germs are everywhere. This isn’t ideal considering the coronavirus pandemic! I was reading an article on a website like
the other day and it dawned on me how important it is to keep my home clean. Not just so it looks nice, but also for my health. Hygiene is so important guys! In an effort to keep my house ready for visitors, I scoured the internet looking for advice to help it look clean and tidy. Whilst the kitchen itself is usually dirty, the floors can be even worse, especially with muddy footprints from the farm. Thankfully, my friend told me about the best hardwood floor cleaning machine to make sure the floors look clean in case any visitors come round. That’s the easy bit, the more difficult part is the actual kitchen itself. Here is what I have learned through research and practice about keeping a kitchen perfectly clean.

cleaning tips for an open kitchen

Helpful tips to keep your open kitchen (or any kitchen) clean:

  • Organize. Organize silverware drawers, cooking utensils, pantry, dishes, and refrigerator to make it easier to put things away and find. I put all of my most used utensils in the crock next to the stove, and the rest went in the drawer underneath. I got rid of any dinnerware or glasses that weren’t in regular use. I stored the small appliances that weren’t used at least once a week.
  • Consolidate. Consolidate items and store them or throw them away. This includes cleaning supplies. There is no need to have 3 different bottles of dish soap, countertop cleaner, or glass cleaner in your home. I personally prefer using multi-purpose cleaners so that I use less storage space. My most recent find is the new Palmolive® Multi-Surface dish soap. It can clean dishes and other kitchen surfaces. Palmolive® Multi Surface eliminates 99.9% of bacteria (*staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enterica and E. coli ((157:H7)) from dishes and hard non porous kitchen surfaces. I can wash my dishes, clean my countertops, and wipe down my cabinets with the same dish soap, knowing it’s helping to keep me and my family healthy.
  • Relocate: If a small appliance hasn’t been used in an extended period of time, relocate it to a pantry or storage closet. I stored the small appliances that weren’t used at least once a week, like a blender and waffle iron. You should also do this for bowls, baking pans, and other items that might be crowding your cabinets. It’s hard to clean countertops if you can’t easily and quickly put things away. Who wants to open a cabinet and have items fall out on the floor?
  • Help: Enlist a little help to keep your kitchen clean. Children can help clear the dinner table, restock snack/drink shelves in the refrigerator, wipe down lower cabinets, and help with the dishes. My five year old helps me organize/sort canned goods and spices. And he’s very attentive to the shelf where his juice boxes are kept in the refrigerator. He also loves to mop the kitchen floors, which saves me a lot of time as you can imagine! He really enjoys cleaning and we were even looking at an article like Clean That Floor – Handy Reviews of Modern Home Essentials, to try and learn some more cleaning tips! Kids can be a real help.

Palmolive multi-surface dish soap

palmolive multi-surface dish soap

kitchen organization

palmolive multi-surface dish soap

kitchen cleaning tips

kitchen cleaning and organization tips

I found Palmolive® Multi-Surface in the household cleaning supplies aisle at my local Walmart.


What do you think of my kitchen? Do you have any kitchen cleaning or organization tips that you think I should add?


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    The Palmolive Dish soap is really interesting! I found really great stuff about it! Thanks for your post! It is really great! Greets! Оne Оff Cleaning London Ltd.

  • Reply Samantha K 29/04/2015 at 11:35 pm

    Great tips! I recently moved some small appliances off the counter to clear up some space. It makes a huge difference! #client

  • Reply Donna 11/08/2015 at 12:31 am

    You have a lovely kitchen! Kitchen is the most important place for me in the house, especially when it comes to cleaning, because the hygiene there has to be PERFECT! (not that it is actually possible with my three kids, haha) Thank you so much for sharing these, I’ll try them next Saturday when I’ve planned my next big kitchen cleaning!

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