Sweet Dreams DIY Lampshade

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Gabe loves to read books before bedtime. We have a rotating selection of books that are usually cluttering up my nightstand. Our bedtime routine might help him fall asleep but it doesn’t help me. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, I’m not a sound sleeper and I don’t fall asleep easily. I’ve struggled maintaining natural sleep cycles, and sought ways to promote natural melatonin production. One sleep tip that I read recurrently is to declutter your sleep space and try to make it a soothing environment. So, I took to the internet to find tips and ideas that could help me to declutter my sleep area. One page I came across talked about beautifying your space and having a lamp that promoted calm and peaceful sleep. I did some more searching and found a site that had custom made photo moon lamps, or Lampe de lune photo personnalisée as the website said. From this, I decided that I would start by working to clear up my nightstand and beautifying my sleep space with my own Sweet Dreams DIY lampshade project.


My nightstand is usually a mess. It’s cluttered with remotes, picture frames, my phone, books, magazines, and anything else that finds its way off the bed. It’s my bedroom “catch-all,” much like my dining room table is for the rest of the house. It can be hard to relax in a cluttered environment, so I’m working to keep my nightstand cleared off. I want my bedroom to be a beautiful escape from the chaos that I usually can’t contain in the rest of the house. I decided that a Sweet Dreams Lampshade would help add a relaxing touch.

But first, speaking of lamps, if you are looking for a new light for your bedroom, you might want to think about purchasing a Himalayan salt lamp. Salt lamps give off a beautiful gentle glow that is great for in the bedroom. Just check out this Levitating moon design for some lighting inspiration.

Sweet Dream DIY Lampshade

What do you think of my lampshade? It matches the wall art that I made a month or so ago. Here are a few supplies that you’ll need to make your own:

  • One light colored lampshade
  • Craft cutting machine
  • Permanent Vinyl

You will need this resizable file and you will need to cut out the mirror-image. You can cut the image to the exact specifications of your lampshade. If you don’t cut out the mirror-image, it will read backwards. Center the vinyl on the inside of the shade between two seams. *Vinyl will not adhere well to the outside of the lampshade, so you need to do it inside. This will also give you a surprise when you turn on the lights because it looks like a plain lampshade when the light isn’t turned on.

Sweet Dreams DIY Lampshade

sweet dreams diy lampshade

When doing my nightstand makeover, I also invested in a new light bulb for my lamp. I purchased the new GE Align™ PM LED Light Bulb; this light bulb is engineered to produce less blue light than an ordinary light bulb. I ordered my light bulb from Amazon.com. The GE Align™ PM LED Light Bulb helps to promote the body’s natural sleep cycle. Since the bulb produces less blue light, it can help you rest easier. When the light bulb is used 30 minutes before bedtime in place of other lighting, it can help you maintain a more natural sleep-wake cycle. This light helps to produce more melatonin in the body which is a natural “sleep hormone.

GE Align PM Light Bulb

Check out the soft, warm glow in the photo below.

Sweet Dreams DIY lampshade

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Do you struggle to fall asleep? Have you tried anything to promote a natural sleep cycle?


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