Monogram Apple Canvas for Teacher Appreciation Week

I posted a photo to Instagram of a monogram apple canvas that Gabe and I made for Teacher Appreciation Week, and I received some messages and emails asking how I created it. I decided to make a quick tutorial for those of you that are interested in making one for a teacher, or maybe for your own classroom. I was very pleased with how it turned out, and Gabe’s teacher now has it hanging in her classroom. It was an inexpensive way to show our appreciation for her hard work wrangling preschoolers this year.

teacher appreciation week


Sorry that the image isn’t great; I snapped these right before I took Gabe to school. He wanted to give it to Mrs. Gossett today. The Instagram photo is the cutest anyhow.

monogram apple canvas

Here is a break down of what you need:

  • Die Cutting Machine (I used my Cricut Explore)
  • Circle Monogram of the teacher’s initials. If you don’t know how to make one in Photoshop, there are several online monogram makers if you just google them. Mark and Graham has a reliable one. This would be cute with a fancy monogram too.
  • Stem design (if you’re using a Cricut and Design Space here is the link)
  • 16×20 Canvas (I purchased two for $7 total at a local craft store)
  • Red permanent vinyl
  • Green permanent vinyl
  • Blue permanent vinyl (you could use another color)
  • Create the text file for the teachers name. I used Canva.


  • Create the teacher’s initial monogram
  • Create a 12 inch x 4 inch file in Canva using the Norwester font size 144. If the teacher’s name is very long, you might want to use a smaller font. Download the image you created.
  • Upload the image to Design Space and clean it up so that it’s cuttable. You can forego this step if you find a font you like to use in Design Space, but I preferred Norwester.
  • I cut the monogram roughly 11.5 inches, the stem length roughly 5 inches, and the name roughly 12 inches.
  • I spaced the design out  accordingly and burnished the vinyl onto the canvas.

It took me maybe 30 minutes to create this monogram apple canvas, most of that time I was experimenting with font choice and size. It was a simple and inexpensive gift, and Gabe really enjoyed helping.

My great grandmother was a teacher, and I have lots of friends and relatives that are teachers. I love doing fun crafts during American Education Week and Teacher Appreciation Week. You can read about my experience during American Education Week with the National Education Association here.


If you decide to recreate this craft and share an image on social media, will you tag it with #ThankATeacher? I would love to see your creations, and hear more about the teacher that you are thanking.




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