We Don’t Need Another Dog

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We had an exceptionally bad winter in Kentucky, and one frigid day Jeremy found a surprise in our rottweiler’s dog house. He went to set down Chief’s food bowl and he heard a growl; startled, he backed away to realize it wasn’t coming from Chief. There was something in the back of the dog house. He peered in through the door to see all the way in the back only to find a medium size dog snuggled into a pile of hay. Gradually we coaxed him out, and he grew less and less afraid. The dog had been stealing the leftover dog food and trying to stay warm in Chief’s house. Jeremy referred to him as Chief’s pal because you could usually find them playing in the yard together.


We were pretty sure that the dog’s original owner had lived in a nearby rental, and just left him when they moved. Scout came and went as he pleased for most of the winter. He would appear around meal times, and disappear for a few hours here and there. We didn’t need another dog; we already had two, along with a cat and our twenty new chickens. We started putting out extra food because no one in our household could stand the thought of any creature being hungry. The dog disappeared for over two weeks, and we started to believe something terrible had happened to him. I had slowly grown attached to his goofy ears and smile. It was a relief to finally see him limping up the driveway one day. He had been injured (I suspect he had been shot through his shoulder by the crotchety old man that lives around the curve) and his injury had already started to heal. I decided that any good Chief (our rottweiler’s name) needed a Scout, and I decided to call him Scout.



It can be hard to add another dog when you’re living on a farm. They can’t harass the cattle or chase the chickens; Scout didn’t do either. He got along well with our other two dogs. We had to make the decision to either keep him as our own or try to find him a new home where he was safe.



Who were we kidding? Scout had a home. He was perfectly happy greeting us at the back door to walk us to feed the chickens, warning us that the UPS lady was coming up the driveway, letting us know Roger is out on the tractor, and enjoying treats while we’re playing in the yard. He loves to nudge your hand to get your attention, and he will crawl into your lap like he’s a small puppy.

We’re working on teaching him basic obedience and he loves the new Nudges® Sizzlers Chicken Bacon. They can be easily broken into smaller pieces that can be used as a training treats. He gets so excited when he smells the bag of treats. He’ll follow you around the yard when you’re carrying them.

Training is a great way to stimulate physical, emotional, and mental growth in your pet. Scout is creating an emotional bond with us while we are training him. He is also being mentally stimulated because we are engaging him to focus and teaching him new tricks. Training can also be great exercise.

We love that Nudges® are made in the USA with only US-sourced protein, and real meat is the #1 ingredient. They use natural ingredients with no artificial flavors and fillers. We can be confident that we’re feeding our pets a high-quality treat. Nudges® Grillers are available in Chicken and Steak varities while Nudges® Sizzlers are available in Chicken Bacon and Beef & Cheese.


nudges® sizzlers



nudges® grillers

Scout managed to “nudge” our hearts, and persuaded us that even though we didn’t need another dog, we needed him.

We purchased our treats in the pet food aisle at our local Walmart, you can also look for the new Nudges® Jerky Cuts available in value size (36oz).


Have you ever taken in a stray when you thought you didn’t need another dog?

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