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A few days I ago, I posted about SimplyFun brand games; it wasn’t until then that I discovered their line of educational board games. I received a free copy of the Whirly’s World game, and I was eager to play it with Gabe. I’ve mentioned dozens of times that we love family game nights. I can remember playing board games as a child with my brother Brandon and my parents. SimplyFun games were created to incorporate learning experiences into game play. Gabe and I have played Whirly’s World close to a dozen times in just over a week, and we’re still loving it. You can read more about our game experiences below.

whirly's world

SimplyFun selected Whirly’s World to send, and I’ll be the first to admit, I was a little apprehensive that Gabe would enjoy a math game. He is just 5 years old, and he attends preschool. The game was labeled suitable for 6 years and up, and it deals with the concept of odd and even numbers. I quickly discovered that the game helped Gabe understand this basic math concept quickly and easily.

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Game play:

The game requires 2 to 6 players, and takes between 15-30 minutes to complete a full game. I had Gabe use his fingers to add our dice up, but you could also use paper. We discussed the concept of alternating odd and even numbers on the game board while we played. The child would need to be able to count to twelve, because that is the maximum dice total. The first snail to reach Whirly in the center of the game board wins. Each player rolls the dice, and completes certain tasks depending on where they are on the board. They can also earn Whirly tokens, which keep them from sliding down the water hoses on the board, and help them advance faster at the end of the game to win.

whirly's world

whirly's world game

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Since Gabe and I started playing Whirly’s World, I  realized that Gabe understands math concepts better than thought he did. He has solid comprehension of basic addition and subtraction, and is grasping the concepts of odd and even numbers. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this game to another parent. In my experience, SimplyFun is a great way to help incorporate learning into family time.

I’m considering placing an order for another game or two from SimplyFun. I would like to know more about their vocabulary games. Have you ever played a SimplyFun game in the Early Education line? I would love to hear more from other parents and educators about your experiences. 




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