The Search For The Perfect Grooms Gift

June 26, 2015

I’ve struggled with finding a unique wedding gift for Jeremy. I want something that he can cherish. I don’t believe gifts should be ridiculously expensive, but personally, I really appreciate it when someone puts serious thought into what I might like or enjoy. Jord Wood Watches contacted me asking if I would like to review one of their watches. I hadn’t seen anything like them previously. Do you know anyone that owns a wooden watch?

jord wood watches

I love watches, and I think it is genetic; my great great grandfather Garland was rumored to wear three at a time. The first thing I noticed about the Jord Wood Watch was the craftsmanship. The grain of the wood is still visible, and it has a soft, smooth finish. The watch is incredibly light. I decided to give it to Jeremy before our wedding, so I could get his honest opinion.

I selected the Fieldcrest Series Wood Watch in Black for Jeremy.
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I wanted the design to be equally wearable while he was teaching his students at Rutgers, traveling, or out on the farm. It’s described on the website as,

“The Fieldcrest Series is produced in a classic midsize. The monochromatic wood face, bezel, and strap serve to showcase the intricacy of the wood grain. Designed to be androgynous, the attitude of the wearer is the final elemental design to this timepiece.”

jord wood watches

jord wood watch

Jord wooden watch

jord fieldcrest black

jord wood watch

I was a little concerned that the links in the watch might snag the hairs on Jeremy’s arms (he’s kinda hairy), but it hasn’t. The watch is extremely light. Jeremy wears it several times a week including while he’s out on the farm, and wood has held up well.

The watches are beautifully packaged in a wooden keepsake box. It would be fun to find someone local who could personalize the box by engraving or burnishing the wood.
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Fortunately with more artisans using the likes of a Lotus Laser on marketplaces like Etsy, wood and metal engraving options are becoming more widespread.

You could engrave the date and time of your wedding in the bottom of the box, or create a hang tag. This would also be a lovely gift for the father of the bride, bridal party gifts, anniversary. A Jord Wood Watch would be a great gift for many occasions. Jord also has a beautiful collection of women’s watches.

Jeremy has the watch for nearly a month, and wood hasn’t shown any wear. I would have expected a wooden watch to wear just like wood floors or furniture does; there are no dents or scratches from use. The wooden Jord Watch is nice balance between a leather band watch that is light but can sweat your arm, and a metal watch that is often heavy.
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Jeremy hasn’t complained about weight or sweating.

You can check out the selection of Jord Wood Watches here.

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Did you buy your spouse a wedding gift?

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