The Importance Of Keeping Your Cat Active

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It’s easy for us to keep our dogs active and fit. Chief’s previous owner primarily worked on a farm, and would take him for rides around the farm in his truck. Chief loves to hop in the back of the truck and will beg for a “ride”. We’ll load him up, and go walking around on one of the farms. He gets exercise, and we spend time with him. It’s much harder to keep our cat Tucker active. He was born in one of the barns, and we gradually befriended him. Jeremy brought him in the house when we moved in, and he’s only left the house one time to go to the vet. Funny enough, I have a friend who has a very active cat, and she said she had to give her pet gmo-free cbd for cats to get her to calm down. As much as I wish Tucker was a more active feline, I don’t think I want him bouncing off the walls. So, I’m going to share some advice on keeping your cat active.

rottweiler Chief


He’s gradually becoming less of a playful kitten, and I don’t want him to become overweight. Overweight pets can experience the same health problems that overweight humans do. We want to keep our pets as healthy as possible, and that includes keeping them fit and active.

With this being said, it might not just be laziness that is preventing them from being active – there could be something wrong with your cat’s health that makes it painful for them to be active. For example, cats can get arthritis and get stiffness in their legs that make it too painful for them to run around or climb things. Be sure to take your cat to the vets if you think this could be what’s happening to your cat as it can be medicated.

keeping your cat active

I refer to my sweet cat Tucker as the reformed barn cat. He was several months old when Jeremy brought him into our home. He is perfectly content prowling our house, and informing us that his food bowl dish is empty by “singing the song of his people”. He would eat non-stop if we would feed him. He loves being an indoor cat, hiding balls so that he can play chase on our hardwood floors at 2 am, harassing our French Bulldog Bob, and snuggles. You can’t exactly leash and walk a cat to ensure they get enough exercise, so we had to find other ways to ensure he’s staying active.

keeping your cat active

Tucker daydreaming of being outside


IKEA mouse

We picked up this mouse for Tucker last fall. It must remind him of a real mouse (I’m sure he caught a few living in the barn), because he loves to play with it. A poor unsuspecting house guest once stumbled upon it, and they thought it was real too. He’ll grab it by the tail, shake it, and throw it in the air. I’ve heard that cats eat mice heads so I’d much rather it was that of a toy one than a real live one – can you imagine cleaning up that mess? When I think he’s getting bored, I’ll toss it across the living room, and the game of chase will resume. He also enjoys chasing string (or Bob’s dog leash with or without Bob attached). I wanted to share a few photos of Tucker playing with his mouse, but in true cat fashion he just gave me an annoyed look while I was holding the camera.

Tucker cat

You want me to play with what?

Diet plays an important role in keeping Tucker fit and active. We feed him a grain-free formula from Purina® Beyond®. He was a feral cat, and ate limited grains before entering our home. He particularly loves the Purina® Beyond® Grain Free Ocean Whitefish & Egg Recipe, and prefers it over wet food. The formula has no corn, wheat, or soy.

purina beyond

He certainly doesn’t turn down canned cat food when he gets it as a special treat. Purina® Beyond comes in a variety of flavors.

cat food

cat food

Purina® Beyond® is available in dog and cat formula including dry foods, canned foods, and treats.

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How do you keep your indoor cat active and spend time with your pets?

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  • Reply Jenna Wood 01/06/2015 at 11:16 pm

    Tucker is gorgeous- While you can leash train a cat, he hardly seems like the sort who would want to be tied down- he’s clearly a feline at heart! #client

    • Reply Jess 02/06/2015 at 10:32 am

      Thanks. He’s a silly cat, and definitely makes our lives more interesting.

  • Reply Sarah H 02/06/2015 at 8:08 pm

    GORGEOUS photos!!!

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    Gorgeous photos!!!! Your cat is beautiful! #client

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