Wedding Fitness Tips From Women’s Health Next Fitness Star Finalist Jana Hare

July 8, 2015

It’s a special day on the blog; I rarely have guest writers, but today I’m sharing my space with Women’s Health Next Fitness Star finalist, Jana Hare. She’s sharing a few wedding fitness tips to help you look and feel your best on your wedding day (or any day). Her tips are very practical and suitable for almost any fitness level. Jana’s love of fitness, and helping others attain their fitness goals is apparent in her enthusiasm. Whether some of her advice includes visiting the gym regularly, doing daily exercises at home, eating healthier or using a fitness watch and accessories that can be found on sites like Mobile Mob to keep track of your progress, she had people’s best interest at heart when it comes to achieving their fitness goals.

If you are after someone as motivational and motivated as Jana to help you reach your fitness goals, click for more info. We could all do with a bit of help at times, especially when it comes to keeping fit. She’s also a Lexington, Kentucky resident, which only makes me more enthusiastic about sharing my site with her today.

Jana Hare
Photo Courtesy of Women’s Health

Jana Hare is a trainer specializing in multiple areas of fitness–certified in boxing, Bodycombat, beginner/intermediate sparring, mixed martial arts cardio, Zumba, Hip Hop Hustle, AquaFit, strength training, dance aerobics, spinning, and a focus on Ariel Yoga. She has her Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and a thriving passion for health and fitness. Dubbed the “Cardio Queen” in Kentucky-Hare also recognizes the power of weight lifting for maximum results. She launched her own company Dumbbell Bombshell Fitness, an e-commerce and editorial destination site for fitness tips, videos and workout plans.

Jana’s workout philosophy is about creating a program that never gets monotonous, Hare’s workouts are driven by variety and diversity, incorporating boxing, weights, high intensity intervals and even dance cardio such as hip hop or Zumba. Her methods elevate heart rates through plyometrics, core-based movement and intentional power moves.

Pizza Crust

Hello Bridal Bombshells! Jana Hare, Women’s Health Next Fitness Star finalist, here to get you Wedding Day Ready!

So, you want to look fab for the big day, but don’t know where to begin? Follow this wedding slim down guideline to your bridal day bliss. Get your bridesmaids involved and help keep each other accountable. This health and nutrition plan starts three months before the big day to help you feel healthy and fit when it comes time to put on that dress! Remember, it takes 4 weeks for YOU to see your body change, 8 weeks for your friends and family to notice, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to take note, so stay motivated, and stick with it! You’re going to look great. There are many fitness sites and routines that claim to be able to end you on your goal weight just as an example here’s a biblical inspired fitness book called Shepherd’s Code that says you should follow the Holy Spirit’s advice to live a healthier and happier lifestyle!

*Side note: Plan accordingly ahead of time, in case you’ll need any alterations to the dress 🙂

3 Months Before the Big Day

1. Stick to a maintainable workout schedule! Set your alarm at least four times a week to get your workout in. Make sure to sweat and tone every day. I recommend 30 minutes of light to moderate weight lifting, and 30 minutes of high intensity interval cardio. Need some guidance on weight workouts? Go to my website: and use a ‘Time Saving Workout’.

2. Cut out all fake sugars! Say goodbye to chemicals that cause you to hold on to stubborn fat cells. I know this one’s tough, but you will get to enjoy your Wedding cake, very very soon 😉

3. Get clean and focus in on your nutrition. Carbs are vital! But, cut out processed carbs (crackers, chips, white breads, sugary cereals, white pasta and candy). Stick to sweet potato, quinoa, brown rice, whole-wheat wraps, oatmeal, and whole grain cereals. If you want to learn more about nutirition check out Fitnessgoal’s guide to best bcaas.

4. Keep it natural! Kick out diet soda, unnatural flavored waters, Splenda, boxed diet foods, sweetened yogurt and sugar-free coffee creamers. Sub in coconut water, kombucha and Sugar in the Raw.

5. Plan ahead! With wedding planning, running errands and the stress that comes with organizing your big day, make sure you don’t forget to eat. Plan out your meals ahead of time. *I recommend keeping Quest Bars on hand for emergencies.

6. Take five minutes every morning to journal and set your intentions for the day. This will help with stress relief, and combat the overwhelming feelings of “getting it all done”. Be both mindful, and realistic when making daily “to-do” lists.

2 Months Before the Big Day

1. Continue on with at least four workouts per week with weights, even adding a fifth day of 45 minutes to an hour dedicated to cardio only.

2. Stay hydrated! With only 8 weeks to go, make sure you’re getting in half your body weight in ounces of water per day. (For example, 150 pounds = 75 ounces of water per day). This will also help you feel fuller longer!

3. Journal your nutrition and feelings associated with it. Jot it down in your iPhone note pad or in your calendar. This will help you associate your likes and dislikes, with your mood and what helped keep your energy up throughout the day. Keep your diet fruity in the morning and green in the afternoon.

1 Month Before the Big Day

1. Incorporate 3 cups of greens into your diet per day. This will help cleanse your body, and get your skin in tip-top condition.

2. Get down to business! Treat your workouts like an appointment. Schedule your workouts in advance, commit to them and get it done. Stick with 4 to 5 times a week, but if you want, add in one more day of strictly cardio in between your muscle days.

3. Between all of your to-dos, you can replace one meal and one or two snacks a day with a smoothie or protein shake.

4. Craving sweets at night? It’s teatime! Drink hot tea to help cleanse your body, curb cravings, and make sure you don’t give into that sweet treat. You’re almost there!

1 Week Before the Big Day

1. Add lemon to your tea to burn extra fat.

2. Sweat it out for an hour each day.

3. Keep all meals after 2 p.m. lean and green.

Check out Jana’s latest fitness video:

Don’t you love her accent? She makes me feel right at home.

She has several other videos available on her Women’s Health Next Fitness Star Finalist page and on her site.

I really appreciate Jana writing this post to share with my readers, and I hope you can integrate some of her fitness tips into your own workout routine. Personally, I’ll be following her advice as I prepare for my own wedding in just a few months.

Have a few minutes to spare? I’m sure Jana would be grateful if some of my readers would go vote for her in the Women’s Health Next Fitness Star competition. It would be a great way to say thank you for sharing her wedding fitness tips with us.

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About Women’s Health Next Fitness Star:

In January, Women’s Health magazine set out for its 3rd annual nationwide talent search to find the “Next Fitness Star. After receiving thousands of submissions, the competition has been narrowed down to five amazing finalists who will be featured on the flip cover of the July/August issue of Women’s Health magazine, featured in the issue, appearing in online videos, and more (on stands now!). The finalists will also be featured in the first ever “Women’s Health: Next Fitness Star” webisode series launching in conjunction with the print issue.

WH is asking America to weigh in and choose the winner and will be able to vote daily on who they think should be The Next Fitness Star. Additionally, there is an elite judging panel including celebrity trainer & Extreme Weight Loss Hosts Chris Powell and Heidi Powell; Today Show Anchor, Natalie Morales, Today Contributor and trainer Jenna Wolfe and Women’s Health Editor-in-Chief Amy Keller Laird.

Women’s Health is also partnering with the Today Show to announce the winner live on the show in August. The winner to receive a DVD contract with the brand in addition to becoming a contributing fitness expert for the brand.

The voting stars on June 22nd and going through August 3rd. Viewers can head to the Fitness Star website to see videos of the finalists, previews of their workouts and vote immediately for who they want crowned as the next face of fitness.

Please head over and vote for Jana, and remember that you can vote once per day!

Good luck Jana!

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