New Amazon Original Kids’ Series Wishenpoof

August 13, 2015

This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts and options are entirely my own.

Starting tomorrow, August 14th you can meet Bianca and her buddy Bob the Bear on Amazon’s newest original kids’ series Wishenpoof. Bianca and her mother have magical wishing powers that allow them to “Wishenpoof”. Gabe and I had the opportunity to preview the first season, and he was immediately captivated. Today, I’m sharing his thoughts on the new series and why I think Wishenpoof should be your child’s watch list. Remember: Wishenpoof is free for Prime members through Amazon Prime.


The series reinforces two phrases that I can appreciate as a parent; the mother reminds Bianca to make good choices and she tells her that with practice she can improve.

As a parent I want my son to learn to make good choices on his own, and to understand what a good choice is. Children can watch Bianca make choices which are both good and bad. The show is written in a way that makes it easy for children to understand Bianca’s explanation of why a choice was good or bad. Gabe (who’s 5 and just started kindergarten) and I sat and discussed her choices as the show progressed. I would ask him a question such as, “Did Bianca make a good choice?” After he replied, I would follow up with a question such as, “What choice should have Bianca made?” I was confident that he was learning from Bianca’s experiences on the show and it created a dialogue between Gabe and I about choices.

Gabe and I were also able to discuss improvement, and the best way to improve skills on a task. Early in the series, Bianca is learning to use her wand.
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Bianca will make several mistakes, but your child can witness her improve with practice. Young children often become frustrated when learning new tasks, and might try to give up. Watching Bianca makes it easier for them to understand how to improve and encourages them to not give up. This is especially relevant to us because Gabe just started playing football.
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He is one of the younger players on his team. Gabe can seem discouraged at times because he is barely starting to understand the game, and Bianca makes it easy to explain improvement.


My five year old said, “Wishenpoof is awesome.” He also said his favorite character is Bob the Bear because he gets to be Bianca’s buddy. He also enjoyed that show frequently changed scenery. He said he liked that it had sea horses, a jungle, and a beach. I was surprised at the amount of detail that he could recall from an episode, which showed me that he was paying close attention.


Do you have a young child that could benefit from the lessons taught in Wishenproof?

Do you have a favorite Amazon Prime Original Series? Our household avidly uses our Amazon Prime account to stream movies and shows.
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