Keeping An Aging Pet Active #PinnacleHealthyPets

This post is sponsored by Pinnacle and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping create awareness about Pinnacle’s Newly Formulated Grain Free Dog Food, but A Southern Mother only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Pinnacle is not responsible for the content of this article. #PinnacleHealthyPets

Our sweet Rottweiler Chief was already 7 years old when we adopted him. The average life span of a Rottweiler is 8-10 years, but I my previous Rottweiler Naya lived past 13. Chief was in good health and very active when he came to us, and we have tried to keep him healthy by keeping him active. We hope that Chief has a nice long life here on the farm. Pets are no different than humans, physical fitness improves over all health. Our Chief-y dog is about to turn 9 years old, and he still occasionally acts like a feisty puppy; I’m sharing a few tips on how to help keep an aging pet active and healthy including my thoughts on pet nutrition.

keeping an aging pet active

keeping an aging pet active

My first piece of advice is to talk to your veterinarian. I would make sure that you’re pet is sound enough to participate in certain activities and see what your vet advises. Hip and elbow dysplasia, and knee problems might make certain activities painful. Luckily our Chief is sound, loves to swim, and we have a pond on the farm. We frequently take him to the pond to swim and retrieve. Swimming is much easier on his aging joints than playing fetch. It’s also good to take your pet on regular walks to help ensure they aren’t too sedentary which can contribute to pet obesity, and equally tough on aging bones and joints.

keeping your aging pet active

keeping an aging pet active

keeping an aging pet active

Nutrition is very important to your pet’s overall health. It’s important to select a food that easily digestible and includes high quality ingredients. Pinnacle® Dog Food uses limited, quality ingredients and it’s manufactured in the United States. All Pinnacle Dog Food formulas are grain free to help make the food more digestible. They use quality ingredients such as quinoa, sweet potato, pumpkin, kelp, and cottage cheese. Pinnacle Dog Food has antioxidants which help support a healthy immune system, and fiber to encourage digestion.

pinnacle holistic pet nutrition

You can read more about Pinnacle Dog Food on their website, and you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Take your pet in for regular check-ups at the veterinarian. They have routine health screenings for geriatric pets that can help diagnose conditions. Earlier diagnosis can lead to earlier treatment, and help to prolong the life of your pet and improve the overall quality of their life.

keeping an aging pet active

 Do you have an aging pet? What are you doing to help keep your aging pet healthy and active? To read more about being active with your pets follow the #PinnacleHealthyPets hashtag.

keeping an aging pet active

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    Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! Wonderful tips. Our mixed terrier, N.A.S.H.A., just turned 11. She still has a lot of spunk, thankfully. We’re looking forward to trying Pinnacle!

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