Why I Want To Travel Portugal With My Family

We all know that taking a trip abroad with the kids has the potential to be a testing experience. But at the same time, it can also be incredibly enjoyable and rewarding, especially if you pick a relaxing destination like Portugal. I’m exploring our options to travel to Portugal, and I’m sharing why.

Before I continue, your trip to Portugal doesn’t have to be extortionately expensive, you can do things on a budget even with 2 kids! Yes, I said it right. However, if there are 6+ of you going then, you may want to look into getting a small loan to help with the costs. With more and more holidaymakers financing their family vacations, it comes at no surprise that companies similar to Lending Expert in the UK are seeing great demand for their services.

travel portugal

Mild temperatures combined with safe beaches and tranquil seas mean that you don’t need to look far for somewhere to relax. However, there are various attractions and activities on offer in the bigger cities and rural countryside for hyperactive families!

What’s more, package holidays to Portugal provide great value for money and can eliminate a fair amount of stress as well. But what other planning advice should you bear in mind?

Know before you go

With temperatures in the peak of summer exceeding 35°C (95°F), younger families might be best to avoid July and August. The weather in spring and fall is just as nice and you won’t need to deal with the busy crowds either.

When looking at potential accommodation, make sure it has child-friendly facilities such as a swimming pool, safe areas, and a kids club. Even though going away with the family gives you the chance to spend some quality time together, you and your partner might want to have dinner alone one night too.

While car hire prices are very competitive across Portugal, you might be best off using public transport, as this is an inexpensive and reliable way of getting around. Also, big city traffic in Portugal can be a little frantic.

Where to visit

  • Lisbon – Along with beach resorts in the Cascais-Estoril region, the country’s capital also has plenty of family-orientated things to do such as the Lisbon aquarium, Pavilhão do Conhecimento (Pavilion of Knowledge) science museum and the zoo (Jardim Zoológico). If these sound like something you and your family would enjoy, you could start having a look around at some of the Best Lisbon hotels available.
  • The Algarve – Portugal’s southernmost region is tailored for families on holiday with its inviting turquoise waters and stunning golden beaches. Popular resorts include Albufeira and Praia da Rocha, but staying near to the traditional city of Lagos means you can explore several historic sites too.
  • Porto – Portugal’s second city may well be a centre for commercial activity, but it also boasts an abundance of family attractions. These include the interactive World of Discoveries museum, the City Park and Serralves Foundation, and a place that is believed to have inspired J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels – Lello Bookshop.
  • Douro Valley – As a special treat, parents might want to spend a night or two in the Douro Valley for a spot of wine tasting. However, wineries like Aquapura are more than happy to cater for kids, as its “forbidden for adults” menu proves.

Every inch of Portugal has something to offer visiting families. All the while, you will benefit from beautiful weather, child-friendly accommodation options, mesmerising coastlines, and plenty of activities to take advantage of.

travel portugal

Have you ever wanted to travel Portugal? I’d love to go with my family and I hope to one day.

Images by Loowgren and pedrosimoes7 used under Creative Commons License.

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