What’s That Smell?: Bob Has No #Petiquette

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I’ve always owned at least one dog, so I’m no stranger to pet odors; well I was until I got my French Bulldog, Bob. I’m not sure how something so small could make such lingering and noxious odors. Not a single Rottweiler that I have ever owned could produce the volume of gas that he does, even on their sickest day. He has been rotated through multiple foods, with no change. According to our veterinarian, he’s in good health. As I type this, my bedroom is filled with the parfum eau de Bob. If I didn’t love him, he would sleep with the cattle since he emits odors that smell more like them. Thank goodness I generally have Febreeze™ handy to help get rid of his odors.

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Did I mention that he bolted out our back door recently, across our yard, through a mud puddle, and Jeremy opened the door to my freshly vacuumed car to catch him? I have three words for you: paw prints everywhere!

febreeze pets


Oh, I forget to mention that fresh wet dog smell that filled my car. I wiped it out and then vacuumed, but I still had to use a Febreeze Car Vent Clip to help with the odors.

febreeze pets

I love Bob, but I don’t love his many odors.

febreeze pets

The smells in my house don’t end with my Frenchie. Bob has a BFF. He has a love/hate relationship with our cat, Tucker. He generally doesn’t stink too much, but his litter box (which is in the laundry room next to our main entryway) does. I’ve learned to live with his litter box and we clean it regularly, but I think I suffer from noseblindness; we’ve just grown so accustomed to smells that we no longer notice them.

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In a recent survey, pet owners are more concerned with pet odors in the home over all other odors. Is it surprising that 60% of pet owners said they would hate if a guest thought their home smelled of pets?

Now that you have a better understanding of why my house smells, I’m sharing what we do to decrease pet odors. We’ve been working on the Febreeze Petiquette Curriculum, and you can download your own pdf version here. 

febreeze pets


I always try to keep Febreeze Fabric Refresher on hand to spray the couch, pillows, and rugs before guests come over. It’s equally handy to freshen up linens in our guest bedroom, even if our pets haven’t been in the room.

febreeze petiquette

Febreeze Air Effects can be sprayed in the hallway to ensure there are no remnants of litter box odor, even if we’ve recently cleaned the litter box. Febreeze Air Effects creates a clean, crisp smell throughout our home.


Do you worry that your home smells like your pets? What do you do to combat pet odors and to get your house guest ready? Head over to check the full lineup of Febreeze products and follow their social channels to get more great tips on combating tough odors.

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    I’m the grandma of a Frenchie who loves to roll in stinky stuff. LOL Frenchies have so much personality!

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