Tips For Photographing Your Pet: #PinnacleHealthyPets

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I cherish my pets. I love to keep photographs of them, just like I collect photographs of other beloved family members and friends. Pets can be tricky to photograph, but most people don’t want to hire a professional photographer to take those pictures. Today I’m sharing a few tips for photographing your pet.

pinnacle grain free

That shot might not be the most pleasing to the average person, but it captures the essence of our Rottweiler Chief. He’s generally a very happy-go-lucky dog, and he’s always waiting on his next meal. He knows basic obedience and he generally sits for portraits well, but like any good dog, he can get a little feisty; this is usually the case when I have something he really wants, like food and occasionally a tennis ball.

It’s rained nearly nonstop the last few days, so we had to take this with a steady mist.

pinnacle healthy pets

pinnacle grain free

Now that is Chief’s ‘feed me’ face; he started getting vocal because I was keeping his treats longer than he thought I should. I started laughing at him, so it only made it worse. At the ripe old age of 9, he’s entitled to be a grumpy old man on occasion.

You’ll need some treats, toys, and maybe a squeaker toy. The photographs will be best if they’re taken close to sunrise or sunset. You’ll want to position your pet facing the sun. If you’re photographing your pet indoors, you’ll want them to be facing a large glass door or window.

photographing your pet

Place your pet in a sit or down position, and start snapping away. I try to photograph them at various angles. I generally try not to use their name because this will often cause them to come to you. I’ll squeak a toy or hold out a treat.

photographing your pet

Today I used Chief’s new dog food Pinnacle® Grain Free; he loves it enough to keep him interested in me without arousing him too much.


I’ll generally stash a few pieces in my pockets and hand it out as treats.

Chief is currently eating the Pinnacle Grain Free Trout and Sweet Potato recipe. They only use high quality protein, which helps sustain muscle in an aging pet like Chief. It also helps promote general joint health. Chief loves his new food, and I have confidence feeding him a food that only uses high quality ingredients. Pinnacle uses things like quinoa, sweet potato, sea kelp, pumpkin, and cottage cheese to add valuable nutrients, and it’s manufactured in their California plant.

pinnacle grain ree

pinnacle grain free


You can learn more about Pinnacle Holistic Pet Nutrition by visiting their website, or checking out their social channels.

I also suggest that if you have a DSLR that you invest in a 50mm or 85mm fixed focal lens. They’re some inexpensive options, and they’ll help you take better photographs overall.

photographing your pet

photographing your pet

photographing your pet

photographing your pet

I try to shoot pet portraits in a manner similar to that in which I stage people portraits; I want to capture a mixture of posed and candid photographs. Photographing your pet is also a great way to familiarize yourself with your manual camera settings.

Do you have any portraits of your pet? If not, what are you waiting for? You have the opportunity to capture memories that will help your cherish your pet for your entire lifetime.

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