The Importance of Self Care

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I really struggle with time management and getting everything done; when this happens, something usually suffers. The last few years I’ve let my physical and emotional health take the back burner to everything and everyone else. Like most moms, I made Gabe my priority. I work hard to ensure all his needs are met, and then I tend to all of my other responsibilities. A few weeks ago I realized how detrimental it could be to neglect my own personal needs. Today I’m sharing my story and how I’m working to make sure that take a little more time for me and self care.

self care

A few weeks ago during a check-up that I had put off nearly a year, my doctor found a lump in my breast. My mother was diagnosed with premenopausal breast cancer when she was just a little older than I am now. Normally women start having mammograms when they turn 40 but due to family history and my very fibrocystic breasts, I had been going since I was 30.

self care

I had even more reason to be anxious, I had skipped my mammogram the last few years. I found 1,000 things that were more importance than taking care of me. I was overdue for all of my annual health screenings, teeth cleaning, and more than two years behind on my mammogram. I honestly have no one to blame but myself; I allow every thing and every one to take priority over me.

I don’t skip the gym because I’m lazy, but I feel like I don’t have enough free time; the same can be said for everything else in my life that I neglect. I usually have to ask someone to drive in to watch Gabe just so I can make appointments, and I generally feel guilty or frustrated.

It’s important to practice self care for several reasons; primarily because earlier diagnosis of any disease or ailment ensures earlier treatment, and the likelihood of a better outcome. It’s also important to teach your children the importance of self care so that they realize the importance of self care.

I have a plan to devote at least 5 minutes of my day to “quiet” time so I can schedule out my days and weeks so that I can practice better self care. It’s my 5 minutes to enjoy my latte and my favorite cookie, the new OREO Thins. I can use to that time to note what appointments that I need to schedule or to just gather my thoughts.

Make yourself a list of things that need to be done in the days and weeks ahead, and prioritize that list. It’s easier to write down your list so that you have visual goals. Many healthcare providers provide reminder calls for appointments, so don’t be afraid to schedule months and weeks in advance to help ensure you don’t delay them.

self care

 So why do I mention my cookie? I associate my afternoon snack and quiet time with something that I enjoy. It gives me another reason to look forward to me my  quiet time and I don’t have to eat my cookies on the run.

self care

self care

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I’ve been through what seems like a whirlwind of appointments the last few weeks trying to diagnose the lump in breast. I’ve had mammograms, ultrasounds, and last Friday, I had a breast biopsy. For once in my life, I truly recognize the importance of self care. So whether I’m taking five minutes to enjoy my cookie and coffee, going to the gym, or getting recommended health screenings, I’m working toward regularly practicing good self care.

Do you set aside time to plan your day? Do you use that time to enjoy your favorite snack? Have you tried the new OREO Thins cookies?
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  • Reply Jenna Wood 08/10/2015 at 1:22 pm

    WOW- OREO Thins are popular where you are- they fly off our shelves too! I just love the new crispier texture! You are so right about taking time to schedule yourself. I am one of those ‘doers’ I do everything for everyone else and I forget to stay hydrated, I forget to unwind, I miss appointments….I just had my own health issue where I was lectured about slacking on maintaining my blood pressure, whoops! I sure hope all of your results came back clear, and I’m so glad you finally made it in. Thanks for the great reminder! #client

  • Reply Sarah H 09/10/2015 at 9:33 pm

    I hope you’re doing ok Jess, I have been thinking about you!! xooxxoox

  • Reply Heather 09/10/2015 at 9:51 pm

    Hope you are well….sending positive thoughts.

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