#HowWeFamily: What’s Your Story?

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What do you look forward to most about the holidays? When I was a young girl, I loved seeing my cousins from out of town. It was the only time during the year that I knew they were coming over and it made me so happy to see them. I remember noticing the look of excitement on my great grandmother’s face because she would have nearly all of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren in one house; this is the real magic of the holiday season and this is #HowWeFamily.


Holidays have been hard enough since my brother passed away; last year, I spent my first Christmas away from my son since his father and I divorced. Our family dynamic has greatly changed, and it’s difficult to get everyone together during the holidays like we did during my childhood. Our tree might have plenty of presents, but I’m most excited about spending time with my family.

Tylenol® created the #HowWeFamily program, to celebrate all families. Family dynamics have changed greatly during the last few decades, and Tylenol® believes it’s not who you love or call family, but how that’s important. Tylenol® created a beautiful video showcasing how real families come together during the holiday season. It’s a mixture of happiness, giggles, surprises, and stories of unconditional love. You can watch the full video embedded above.

What’s your #HowWeFamily story? What do you do to celebrate during the holiday season?


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