are you ready for a new dog?

Are You Ready For A New Dog? #GrainFreeForMe

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Adding a new dog to a family is a big deal; whether you’re going to be first-time pet owners, adding an additional dog to your pack, or getting another dog after a loss, you should always ask yourself if you and your family are ready. My family had to answer that question recently; were we ready for a new dog? If your answer is yes, to get started you may want to look into these dog training tips over at Central Park Paws and take on board some essential dog owning tips.

are you ready for a new dog?

Three days after Christmas, our 9 year old rescue Rottweiler, Chief, was diagnosed with cancer. The life expectancy of Rottweilers is 8-10 years, but my last Rottweiler lived to be 13.5. I had mentally prepared myself that we wouldn’t be as fortunate with Chief, but I don’t think I had quite prepared everyone else. His cancer grew quickly and after weeks of pleading with him to eat anything, we said our mournful goodbyes. In sickness and in health, you do all you can to take care of your senior dog and improve their health.

When is the right time to add a new dog when you’re grieving the loss of an old one? That’s a tough question to answer. Do you ever truly get over losing anything you love? There isn’t a day that goes by that Naya (the Rottie that died at 13.5) doesn’t cross my mind. She was the hardest loss of all. I tried to convince myself after she died that I could never love another dog the way I loved her. She was truly this woman’s best friend. We had been running partners, traveling buddies, and often, she had been my pillow to cry on. I felt that by loving another dog I was somehow betraying her. I also didn’t want to hurt like that again, and the sad reality is, the lifespan of a dog is relatively short.

are you ready for a new dog

Several weeks ago a friend, who also used to show Rottweilers, shared on Facebook that her friend had an older Rottweiler puppy that she would like to re-home. The breeder, who lived a couple hours north of us, had kept her to show, but ultimately decided that she wasn’t sure if she liked being a show dog. I took a peek at her pedigree, and she shared a few of the same ancestors as my Naya. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for another dog, or another Rottweiler. Jeremy was still heavily mourning the loss of Chief, and I was cautious about bringing up the idea. I looked over photos and videos for the next day, debating whether she might be the right dog for our family and how I would introduce Jeremy to the idea of getting another Rottweiler.

I showed Jeremy a video of Kitty playing just to see his reaction. I cautiously told him that she was for sale. His reaction was, “Are you ready for a new dog?” I was prepared to love, train, and nurture another companion, but I wasn’t sure about Jeremy. I told him that he should think it over, and we didn’t have to rush.

are you ready for a new dog

He told me a few hours later that he wanted to go look at her and see if we thought she was a good fit for us. I was a little more cautious; I needed to make sure she would get along with my son, our French Bulldog, and our three house cats. Jeremy later told me that he knew she would be coming home with us before we even left to go meet her. I was so excited that I looked on to find the best toys and food her her straight away!

How could you resist that face? All of these photos are of our new dog, Kitty. I like to tell everyone we have four kitties, but only three of them are actually cats.

Kitty has made a seamless transition to our family. She has learned lots of new commands including sit, stay, down, and shake. Food is a good motivator for her, and she really enjoys her Wellness® Complete Health™ Dog Food. It doubles as a grain free dog food and a training treat.

wellness complete health dog food

Isn’t her coat shiny? Wellness Complete Health Grain Free recipes use high quality protein and essential vitamins and nutrients. Your pet’s health can shine through every playful, loving moment. It’s a great natural dog food to begin the transition to grain free dog food. Wellness Complete Health Grain Free recipes use balanced blends of high quality proteins, grain-free carbohydrates, select fats and nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables to provide the nutrition your pet needs to thrive.

wellness complete health grain free dog food

wellness complete grain free dog food

wellness complete grain free dog food

We want to share as many healthy and vibrant years with Kitty as possible. One of the simplest things we can do, other than provide her with routine veterinary care and lots of love, is to provide fresh drinking water and a nutritious dog food. Kitty is so playful and very active, so she needs a grain free dog food made with high quality protein so that she can maintain her high energy levels. There are always lots of things to do when you live and work on a farm.

kitty meets cattle

She has eggs to help gather, cattle to watch over, and lots of tennis balls to chase.

rottweiler retrieving

So are you ready for a new dog? Chances are, if you’re asking yourself this you already know the answer. As long as you are ready for the financial responsibility, the time commitment, and you have love to give, there’s probably a good dog out there waiting to call your family home.

When you find your newest companion, consider the Wellness Complete Health line of grain free dog food recipes. You can find them for purchase at your local PetSmart store or online.

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  • Reply Maggie 03/05/2016 at 12:43 pm

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your sweet pup. This is such a touching story to share. We lost our Shepherd, Lucas, to cancer last year, and there are just no words to make it easier.

    Kitty is absolutely adorable, and how wonderful that she just fit right in! Meant to be! We’ve been trying Wellness Complete Health with our senior dog, Emmett, and it’s been great for him, especially for his digestion.

    Thanks for sharing such a heartfelt story.

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