How Often Do You Think About Your Eyes?

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I can count the times I have been to an optometrist my entire lifetime on one hand, which is a terrible omission. I think I had an eye exam to enter school and my next one wasn’t until I was enlisting in the Navy at 17. I know that as a child, pediatric eye care is really important, but I’ve had good eyesight most of my life, in stark contrast to my sister and mother who have always had bad vision. After my son was born, I started to notice that I had trouble seeing at night and I had headaches more frequently than ever before. I told my primary care physician, who said I was way over due for an eye exam and sent me to an optometrist. She said I had developed an astigmatism in one eye, and she thought that was causing my vision issues and headache. She wrote a prescription for glasses and I slowly noticed that my symptoms diminished when I regularly wore my glasses. How often do you think about your eyes? It never crossed my mind that my issues were vision related. I assumed that since I didn’t need glasses the first 30 years of my life, that I should be fine until my vision diminished with age. Think About Your Eyes is a public awareness campaign, aimed at encouraging everyone to get an annual comprehensive eye exam. When was the last time you visited your optometrist?

Think About Your Eyes

Our eyes, like other muscles, near regular care to keep them performing well. I received a reminded that my son and I were both due for our annual eye exam, and it’s much more convenient that we go together. He has normal vision and I hope it stays that way.

That photo was taken following our eye exam last year.

In a recent survey by Think About Your Eyes, some gym members from the chain Lifetime Fitness, admitted neglecting eye care despite being very conscious about physical fitness.

Think About Your Eyes

You can use their convenient eye care professional locator by following this link to find a provider closest to you. You can also read more about the Think About Your Eyes initiative by following them on Facebook and Twitter. Have you booked your annual eye exam this year?


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