Orvis Women's Spring Fashion line

Orvis Women’s Spring Clothing Line

I received complimentary product from Orvis for this review.

I try to maintain a wardrobe that has a small mix of seasonally trendy items, and the rest of my pieces are timeless staples that look great season after season. It’s always better to have a wardrobe like that. People don’t need a new outfit every time they go out, so it’s important that our clothes are trendy and that they can be worn in a number of different ways. Shopping for pieces of clothing like that can be difficult, but there are websites, like fillyflair.com, that seem to have a range of pieces that could be worn a number of times. Online shopping is also a lot easier these days, you can get the clothes delivered right to your door. Make sure to find some versatile pieces for your wardrobe, it will give you more outfits if you can style some pieces in different ways. Additionally, I’m also a big fan of Orvis. Many of the items from Orvis Women’s Spring Clothing line will never go out of style. There is an added bonus to buying Orvis clothing: it can withstand several seasons of wear. Here are two of my favorite pieces from the Orvis Women’s Spring line, and I’m sharing a high value Orvis coupon code at the end of this post.

Orvis Women's Spring Clothing

I love a good vest. I think it’s because I like having extra pockets, I hate carrying my phone in my back pocket. This Moonlight Pines Utility Vest is lightweight and versatile. I’ve worn it over casual dresses and with jeans. The adjustable waist is very flattering. I like it because it can be layered and worn during several seasons.

orvis women's spring fashion

orvis women's spring fashion

The reason why Orvis clothing can be worn several years is that most pieces are double stitched. The vest has a real metal zipper and hardware. It easily transitions from a day out on the farm or an evening with my family.

orvis clothing

orvis women's clothing

With the selection at Orvis, it was difficult to choose my second favorite piece from so many great items. The Banded-Collar Short Sleeve Dress is another piece that easily transitions from season to season. I can wear it during spring and summer with sandals, and in the fall with boots and tights.

orvis women's spring fashion

orvis women's spring clothing line

orvis women's clothing

Check out the same attention to detail:

orvis clothing

orvis women's clothing

My absolute favorite thing about Orvis Women’s Clothing is that the fabrics are lightweight and breathable, so I don’t feel weighed down. Orvis adds sophistication to everyday casual wear. With Orvis, comfort meets style.

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Did you check out the Orvis Women’s Spring Clothing line? Did you see any pieces that you’d love to have or plan on purchasing?

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