Calling All Soccer Parents: Can You Pass The Love Back?

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Some of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had as a parent have come from coaching a few of my son’s youth soccer teams. When asked to volunteer as a coach, I was very hesitant. I knew it would be time consuming and occasionally frustrating. Many of the kids that I have coached were playing in a soccer league for the first time, and for a few of them, it was their first experience playing a team sport. It can be hard to balance teaching soccer fundamentals, encouraging positive team play, and communicating with parents. The teams that I have coached had limited soccer supplies, and we didn’t always have access to a practice field. I was so excited when I received an email about ‘Pass The Love Back‘ program which is run by the makers of OREO cookies, RITZ BITS crackers, and CHIPS AHOY! cookies. The program was developed to empower communities by investing in youth soccer programs.

Pass The Love Back

Many youth soccer programs have age groups that begin as young as 3 or 4, and it’s often a child’s first experience playing a team sport. Most programs are locally administered and funded, but our community is fortunate because the city provides a small subsidy to help with program costs. Enrollment in the youth soccer program here only costs $10, but players only receive a t-shirt. Parents are responsible for providing balls, snacks, soccer cleats, socks, shin guards, and shorts. All of the coaches are parent volunteers, and finding enough coaches for all of the teams can be a daunting task.

Here’s a photo from Gabe’s first soccer season. Isn’t he tiny?

pass the love back

Here is a photo from last season:

pass the love back

The Pass The Love Back program runs from April to the end of May. Teams can visit to sign up to earn up to $1000 toward custom shirts or a team donation. This is the third year for the program. Did you know that OREO cookies, RITZ BITS crackers and CHIPS AHOY! cookies are the Official Snacks of U.S. Soccer and Major League Soccer? They hope to bridge the gap in funding for soccer equipment and resources for local teams with the Pass The Love Back program. A team can sign up through the platform, and invite other friends, family, and other supporters to participate. They earn money or custom shirts from engagements through the platform.

pass the love back

OREO cookies, RITZ BITS crackers and CHIPS AHOY! cookies multi-packs are available at retailers nationwide, and they make great team snacks.

pass the love back

Maybe you can’t volunteer to coach your child’s team, but you can help support them by learning about the program and encouraging others to participate too.

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