separation anxiety

Separation Anxiety & The Tale of Mr. Crab

Separation anxiety is a very powerful thing. As stressors go, it ranks way up at the top for a lot of people. Luckily, CBD can really assist you in getting over your anxiety. This charlotte’s web cbd review courtesy of HerbMighty might interest you. CBD is a cannabinoid of cannabis; instead of using CBD, some people may prefer to just use marijuana itself instead of something extracted from the plant. Specific strains, that you can Click here to view, are great for treating anxiety. Not very long ago, Jess was loading up her bags and printing her boarding pass-heading off to another conference. To be fair, she really doesn’t travel all that much. A couple of national blogging conferences, a brand-sponsored trip every now and then, and a few trips for the social good causes she represents, like the ONE or Johnson & Johnson Social Influencers For Social Good. You might be wondering why I would be writing about her travels. The old saying goes “when the cat’s away, the mice will play.” Gabe and I are the mice. I’ve learned a few things about separation anxiety over the past year, but I’ve also learned that these rare instances are the points when my relationship with Gabe really develops. As an adult, you can shop hemp to overcome anxiety, but it’s not as simple for children.

separation anxiety

My familiarity with separation anxiety was limited to my experience with my sister’s dog, Texas. Texas dog has a host of medical issues, but he is an adorable companion. When my sister’s family would leave on vacation, I would often get called on to doggie sit, checking in on him, feeding him, and loving on him. But on one of those trips, Texas just couldn’t take it any more. He started vomiting all over the house-and I started cleaning up after him. We later discovered that taking him to stay with me when they leave lessens the blow, that having one of his mommy’s shirts makes him feel better, and that a spoonful of canned pumpkin eases his digestive distress. A lot of people have recommended cbddoghealth for CBD products that apparently work wonders, but I am unsure if my sister ever went down that route.

Separation Anxiety &The Tale of Mr. Crab

Gabe is attached to his mommy, too. I first noticed this when Jess would run into the grocery store for a few things. That was really our first alone time-me in the driver’s seat, and Gabe in the child seat in the back. Gabe would instantly start bawling, and he would ask incessantly “where’s my mommy?” “I want my mommy!” There were no words of comfort for either of us in that situation.

But over time, I figured out that distraction is a valuable skill. Our first lengthy time together (and away from Jess) was during a blogging conference in Atlanta over a year ago. Jess went off to hob-nob with blogging friends and attend the associated social functions while Gabe and I sat in the hotel room looking for things to do. It took all of about five seconds after Gabe woke up that morning for him to ask for his mommy. We had no toys and I had very little experience entertaining a child.

And, of course, he cried. He even went to the door with an ill-fated plan to go find her. We watched tv, we went to the pool (but the water was too cold to get in without his mommy), and we ventured out to have lunch at the hotel restaurant. All in all, the experience was a little trying for both of us. But in a moment of desperation a miraculous epiphany occurred.

separation anxiety

Separation anxiety in a child:

While Gabe sat on the bed crying for his mommy, I moved my arm from under the covers, and then with a clickety-click sound from my mouth, I introduced him to Mr. Crab, who waddled out with my thumb and fingers four and five as legs, and fingers two and three in the air as crab eyes on antennae. Mr. Crab did a little dance “doin’ the ooh-ooh me crab, yeah!” and then, startled that Gabe was watching him, quickly skittled back under the covers. Mr. Crab became our distraction from Jess’s absence for the rest of the day.

We came back to Kentucky, and back to our normal routine. Then, any time Jess was gone, Mr. Crab (or Mr. Crabs, as Gabe calls him) was just a moment away. Mr. Crab has lots of adventures. Gabe has taught him to fly. He has knocked him off cliffs and then re-inflated his broken shell by blowing on him. But I knew my plot had come full circle when Mr. Crab was greeted one day by two baby crabs-his babies, in fact-Junior on Gabe’s left hand, and Chicken Pock on his right.

separation anxiety

Junior and Chicken Pock-I asked their names, and Gabe didn’t even hesitate to tell me-were representative of our relationship. They became our distraction from an otherwise uncomfortable sense of anxiety. I believe they were Gabe’s subconscious way of showing me that he accepted himself as my little crab, too. Gabe and I don’t really play with the crabs much any more. We get along on our own terms now.

Gabe is a helper-he loves to be involved. I try to find things to do that he can help me with. Not too long ago, we finished building a new doghouse for Chief, and he wanted to make sure that I took his picture helping. Gabe will be in the thick of projects, at a safe distance of course. So I’m not worried about coming home and spending a little quality time with Gabe. We have plenty of things to do, and lots of growing to continue together.

Unfortunately, Mr. Crabs is no comfort for Jess.

She might not ever admit it publicly, but she dreads leaving Gabe for even a minute. I know she won’t sleep the nights she’s away, and she’ll pay the price all the next day.

How has separation anxiety affected you? What techniques have you found to help?

Guest Post from my husband Jeremy.

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