Ways To Make Tooth Brushing More Fun

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It hasn’t been terribly difficult to convince Gabe to brush his teeth, but it has been difficult to get him to brush the recommended two minutes by Dentist Wellington. I’ll send him to brush his teeth, and he will appear moments later. I’ll ask him if he brushed them long enough, and he always answers yes. I’ll usually send him back to brush them again and stand there to ensure he’s brushing properly. I’ve had to find ways to make tooth brushing more fun.

ways to make tooth brushing more fun


Ways to make tooth brushing more fun:

  • Start by getting fun equipment to work with. My son love Star Wars, so he’s obsessed with his Firefly Kylo Ren Light Saber Toothbrush. It makes noise for one minute which helps to encourage longer tooth brushing sessions. I just ask him to press the button a second time when the first round is finished. He’s also fond of his Firefly Spiderman Fluoride Rinse, and I think that helps to ensure better oral hygiene habits. It’s sugar-free, alcohol free and has a melon flavor that most kids will love.

Firefly is a leader in children’s oral care. They have recently expanded their line of toothbrushes to include even more fun characters and products, at an affordable price point.

Gabe asked if I would share a video with everyone demonstrating his toothbrush. I think he’s destined to be a video blogger. 😉

And no, that video was not planned or scripted.

Gabe recently lost his first tooth. You will probably notice it in the video or in the photos. He was so excited about the Tooth Fairy. When we met a friend last weekend, Gabe shared his excitement with him. Our friend told us that his parents told him that the Tooth Fairy didn’t want teeth with cavities. She wouldn’t “accept” them. Apparently our friend didn’t do a good job brushing his own teeth as a child, and the Tooth Fairy left a lot of his teeth. The parents said they had to visit somewhere like Dentist Frederick to get fillings for his teeth and when they eventually fell out, the tooth fairy left them under his pillow!

We warned Gabe that the Tooth Fairy might not accept teeth with cavities or fillings. I wanted the Tooth Fairy incentive to continue to reinforce good oral hygiene habits. Safe to say, with regular visits to our Dentist windsor, the Tooth Fairy would be very kind to him.

You can also make up games or songs to encourage tooth brushing. Singing songs requires the help of a parent or adult, because it’s hard to sing and brush your teeth. Recently, Gabe has learned to hum the ABC Song while brushing his teeth to help ensure that they’re brushed properly.

Set a good example for your child by demonstrating regular oral hygiene. Gabe doesn’t mind brushing his teeth, because he watches his parents regularly brush and floss their teeth. I have an assortment of REACH® oral hygiene products at home. The four-count value pack makes it easier to remember to discard my toothbrush every three months as recommended. My favorite was the REACH® UltraClean toothbrush because it has floss-like bristles and a tongue cleaner.

Firefly recently launched their Lights, Camera, Smiles! sweepstakes on the Firefly Facebook page. One lucky grand prize winner will win a trip for a family of four to Hollywood.

Do you have trouble getting your children to brush their teeth? Do you have any tried and true ways to make tooth brushing more fun?

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