tips for cleaning your bathroom in 10 minutes

Tips For Cleaning Your Bathroom In 10 Minutes

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Don’t you love how social media can make someone’s life and home seem spotless? My friends have commented from time to time how my house always “appears” so clean. FYI, you’re getting the highlight reel of our lives, and not the entire movie. I can’t stand clutter and I don’t let the house get too nasty, but we live on a farm. I live with my husband and 6-year-old son in a farmhouse with 3 cats and 2 dogs. Did I mention it’s a working farm with cattle and chickens? I would have to clean every waking hour to keep this house as clean as it looks on my blog. Who wants to admit that you haven’t had time to clean your toilet in two weeks or that you have a pile of dirty laundry in the bathroom floor? I know a few people who try to keep your homes clean, always looking for the best steam cleaner to help get the job done. Here are a few tips for cleaning your bathroom in 10 minutes and a few photos of what my bathroom really looks like most of the time.

tips for cleaning your bathroom in 10 minutes


My grandmother is a stickler for housekeeping. Even when she was working 40 hours a week before retirement as the Health Information Manager at a hospital, her house was usually spotless. I don’t remember her ever going to bed before the dishes were washed and put away, and all the clean laundry folded. It was actually almost miraculous because my grandfather had a garage and they usually had 7 grandchildren under foot. I like to keep my house tidy, but I will never be able to keep it as clean as her’s. My friend told me that they used professional Window Cleaning services for the exterior of their home to keep it looking pristine, I might consider this in the future.

When I know she’s coming over to visit, I begin a mad dash to get my house as clean as possible. I’m pretty sure she brings a pair of white gloves with her so she will know the last time that I dusted. It’s a 1 hour and 45 minute drive from her house to mine, so some days that’s all the time I have to clean.

She would be so disappointed in me if she saw my bathroom like this, but here’s what it looked like the week Gabe started back to school. I had several outside responsibilities as PTA President too. There’s no window in my laundry room, so treat laundry stains in our master bath where I can see them. I often have more than one bottle stain treatment lying around, and a pile or two of sorted laundry.


IMG_6186 IMG_6185

Does your bathroom ever look that bad? I wasn’t even sure the last time our toilet had been cleaned. You should thank me for not photographing that lol.

I pinky swear that I cleaned our entire bathroom in roughly ten minutes and I didn’t just shove anything in the closet. I’m so glad I did it. I honestly think that there is nothing better than a clean bathroom. I was reading some tips on how to clean up a bathroom the other day and it inspired me to share my tips with my lovely readers!

Here are some tips for cleaning your bathroom in 10 minutes:

  • Invest in a decent caddy or bucket to keep regular cleaning supplies in. This will help prevent wasted time rounding up cleaning supplies and you can carry it to the room needed.
  • Pick up a room before you start physically cleaning it.
  • Resist the urge to just put items in the nearest cabinet. You’ll waste more time relocating them later.
  • Look into getting something like a Probiotic Air Purifier to keep the air clean or dust mites or mold spores.
  • Work your way from top to the bottom. Clean mirrors first, then countertops, showers, faucets, and toilet, and then floors. This will help prevent any dusk from above from falling on a clean floor.
  • Organize your bathroom and other rooms when you have a chance, this will help prevent future clutter.



I hate to clean the toilet more than any thing else in our house. I especially hate toilet bowl brushes. I can soak them in bleach after I use them, and they still gross me out. The one cleaning tool that I’ve found that makes cleaning toilets so much less gross is the Scotch-Brite® Disposable Toilet Scrubber. I actually don’t mind cleaning toilets with it. There is no grossing cleaning head laying around, because the actual scrubbing brush is disposable. You just press a button and pop it in the trash without having to touch it.

The Scotch-Brite® Disposable Toilet Scrubber head is angled so that it can scrub under the rim where many other brushes can miss. It also contains a bleach alternative cleaner with pumice scrubs away hard water stains and other substances so that you get a cleaner toilet bowl. It has the Scotch-Brite® cleaning power that you’ve grown to trust, and you purchase Scotch-Brite Scrubber Refills.

Doesn’t my master bathroom look cleaner?

IMG_1291 IMG_6196



You can find the Scotch-Brite® Disposable Toilet Scrubber in the cleaning supply aisle at your local Kroger. Currently most boxes have a coupon on them for $2 off the purchase of the Scotch-Brite® Disposable Toilet Scrubber that can be redeemed at the register.

image image

Do you have any tips for cleaning your bathroom in 10 minutes or less? What do you do when you need to clean in a pinch? I hope you’ll check out the new Scotch-Brite® Disposable Toilet Scrubber and look for the $2 off coupon, and for more cleaning inspiration follow this link.

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