Affordable eyewear

Tips For Purchasing Affordable Eyewear For The Entire Family

This affordable eyewear post is sponsored by Zenni Optical via Influence Central, all opinions are entirely my own.

Many vision plans cover a yearly eye exam, but most won’t cover the cost of frames and lenses. If you have multiple family members who require glasses, this can be a big expense; but a necessary one. Children who don’t get necessary vision exams and glasses can experience educational delays and have trouble reading. Fortunately, there are special glasses, such as blue light glasses, that help with your child’s vision. You can speak with your opticians about blue light glasses for kids to find out more. If you want to find out more about the different types of eyewear available on the market, here are a few tips for purchasing affordable eyewear for the entire family. I’m also hosting a $50 gift card giveaway from Zenni Optical with details at the end of this post.

Affordable eyewear

Tips For Purchasing Affordable Eyewear For The Entire Family

My mom was born 2 months before she was due, and barely weighed 2lbs. She always had issues with her vision, as a direct result of her premature birth. She wore “coke bottle” lenses throughout most of my childhood. In fact, her vision was so bad that if you moved her glasses at night, she had trouble finding them the next morning. She dreaded her yearly eye exam, because her prescription changed nearly every year and had to purchase her frames and lenses from the local optometrist. Thankfully technology has evolved that helped lenses to become thinner, frame selection to be wider, and prices to be more competitive.

Affordable eyewear Affordable eyewear

My family schedules our eye exams during the same time frame each year, and we generally go together. It prevents us from having to make multiple trips to the optometrist and saves time, but it can be expensive if need to purchase multiple frames and lenses. Zenni Optical helps to make the trip less expensive because they offer inexpensive frame and lens options.

Having the proper prescription lenses and proper fitting eyewear is vital to educational readiness. Children who can’t see well, can experience difficulty in school. Children and adults have to be able to clearly see letters on a page to efficiently read. Zenni Optical has a wide variety of children’s frames that are durable and stylish. Gabe put this pair of frames to the test, and wore them while reading and playing.


Affordable eyewear

Does someone in your family or you need a new pair of eyewear? You can use the widget below to enter for a chance to win a $50 gift card from Zenni Optical. It can be used toward their selection of prescription and non-prescription tinted lenses.

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Did you check out the selection of adults and kids eyewear at Zenni Optical? What was your favorite style frame?

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    Glasses are so hard to pick! What looks best what is practical etc. I enjoyed his post!

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