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Fall Cooking Essentials: Friday Fresh Picks

This week I’m joining a few blogging friends in a series entitled, Friday Fresh Picks. You might recognize Sarah from Finnegan and the Hughes; she has been a guest blogger on here and we’ve been friends for a little over 3 years. She partnered up with a few other Jersey girls to create this Friday Fresh Picks series several months ago, and they invited me to permanently join in the fun. Friday Fresh Picks is a curated collection of blogger weekly favorites. Our theme this week is fall, and I decide to round-up a few of my favorite Fall Cooking Essentials. Before I show you my first Friday Fresh Picks, I need to properly introduce the rest of the ladies in the group. Hilary is from A Fancy Girl Must, which is a resource for all things fabulous and girly. Shelia is from Pieces of a Mom, and she has lots of great posts about beauty, home, and style. Tina is from Life Without Pink, which is a lifestyle site dedicated to raising her boys. I hope you’ll take a few minutes, and get to know the other ladies. Without further ado, here is my first edition of Friday Fresh Picks: Fall Cooking Essentials.

fall baking essentials

I don’t bake or use my oven much during the summer. When it’s warm outside, I generally grill because I don’t want to heat up the house. Now that we have cooler temps, I bake and use my dutch ovens much more. Here are some of my favorite Fall Cooking Essentials:

Fall Cooking EssentialsDutch Oven: A Dutch Oven is one of the most versatile items I have in my kitchen. I can use it on the stove top, in the oven, and occasionally on an open fire. A good cast iron Dutch Oven can be used for many years. My favorite brand is Le Creuset, but Lodge and several other brands are durable and competitively priced. They’re available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

fall cooking essentials

Cast Iron Skillet:  A cast iron skillet is as versatile as a dutch oven. Many of the newer lines have non-stick finishes and are much easier to care for than the older counterparts. I can make fried chicken in a cast iron skillet one night, braise a roast in the oven the next, or even bake a brownie.

Skillet texas sheet cake

Bundt Pan: I like big bundts and I can not lie, lol. If you want to make a plain cake look fancy, just bake it in a bundt pan and put it on a pretty cake plate. They’re very handy when you have a lot of holiday functions to attend that require you to bring a dessert, and you want to look like you spent all day baking when you really just spent 5 minutes on a mix and waited 45 for the cake to come out of the oven.

bundt cake

Ceramic Soup Bowls: I have several sets of ceramic soup bowls that are decorative and functional. They make eating a fresh bowl of vegetable soup a little more fun. Want to be adventurous look for my recipe for Pumpkin Chili that will be available on the blog later today.

pumpkin chili

Metal Trivets: You won’t have to stress as much about putting a warm pot or pan on your table or countertop if you invest in some trivets. I found some gorgeous copper ones at Williams-Sonoma similar to this one. I use them almost daily and they’re pretty enough that I proudly keep them on my table.

Kentucky hot brown recipe

What are some of your favorite Fall Cooking Essentials? I’d love to know what you use regularly in your own kitchen.

I hope you’ll stop by and check out the other lovely ladies from this week’s Friday Fresh Picks Series. friday fresh picks


Friday Fresh Picks are hand-picked favorite items, reviews and highlights from the amazing women you see above.

Visit their websites to learn about other amazing picks from this week!

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  • Reply Sarah 07/10/2016 at 11:38 am

    Love these picks!!! I’ve wanted a cast iron dutch oven for a while now!!!!

  • Reply Hilary 07/10/2016 at 3:14 pm

    The topic of the Dutch oven came up in one of my client meetings these week when we were talking about soups and other fall cooking. Everything looks so delish – and part of that is due to the presentation in the pot!

  • Reply Sheila @Pieces of a Mom 07/10/2016 at 7:26 pm

    I love my Le Creuset Dutch oven! You have inspired me to use my Bundt pan more frequently. I never use it!

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