how to make eggs in a bag

How To Make Eggs in a Bag & Other Adventures Camping

Earlier in the year my son asked to join Cub Scouts. I was a little apprehensive because of the time commitment, but I had heard lots of good things from other parents about scouting. I’m so glad we decided to sign him up. He loves Cub Scouts, and he has worked hard trying to earn badges. Several weeks ago our family attended our first Cub Scout weekend camp out. I had to drag out camping gear and figure out what we could eat all weekend other than roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. Luckily Jeremy’s best friend is a scouting pro. His oldest is an Eagle Scout, and his youngest is a Webelo. I spent most of my weekend mesmerized at campfire cooking skills. He made French toast, eggs in a bag, spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic rolls, and a pineapple upside down cake in a cast iron pot. I realized that learning to cook over a campfire was going to be just as much fun as camping. Did you know that you can cook omelets in bags? I didn’t before our camp out. Today I’m sharing how to make eggs in a bag and some of our other adventures camping with Cub Scouts.

how to make eggs in a bag

I thought we were going to have to skip the camp out. Jeremy stored his tent in the farm garage and he discovered that mice had inhabited. The tent I had is at least 10 years old, and I hadn’t used it in almost two years. Thankfully Coleman tents are sturdy, and my old one held up fine for the weekend. My mom donated an extra blowup mattress and combined with the one we already had, we created a king plus bed that easily slept the three of us. She also gave us a screened canopy, which gave us a nice bug free area to eat and store other supplies.



cub scout camping

cub scout camping

camping tips

Before you attempt this recipe, just know there is some controversy that surrounds making eggs in a bag. Some people worry that chemicals might leach into the eggs when they’re heated. Certain brands of Ziplock-type bags are BPA and dioxin free. You also need to use thicker heavy-duty freezer bags. I just want to be upfront before any readers complain.  If the bag sits on the bottom of the pan, it will melt. I would invest in a strainer/wire basket to sit in the top of a pot, and that should help prevent hot spots. I’ve also shared another reader tip below. This is the quickest way to make eggs for a lot of people. If you’re cooking for two, then a traditional skillet would probably work better.

You can also order some sous vide cooking bags, if you’re really worried about using zippered freezer bags.

how to make eggs in a bag

how to make omelets in a bag

eggs in a bag

Supplies you’ll need for Eggs in a Bag:

  • A large pot full of water
  • Eggs
  • Omelet toppings such as cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, crumbled bacon, etc.
  • Optional milk
  • Quart size heavy-duty Ziploc-type bags


  • Heat water to a low boil
  • Add two eggs to a bag. Bust yolks and lightly massage the bag to mix. Add an optional tablespoon milk. Add in desired omelet toppings. Season to taste. Close the top of the bag securely.
  • Place bags in the top of the pot, and lightly boil for 12-15 minutes.
  • It’s an easy way to cook eggs for lots for people and let them customize their order. I believe 5 or 6 adults, and 6 scouts ate breakfast at once.

*I read a comment somewhere said that to keep the bags from touching the bottom and sides of the metal pot, they used a clip over a wooden spoon. They clipped all the bags together and used the wooden spoon to dangle them barely into the water. I haven’t tried it yet, but logically that would work too.

Here are a few more photos from our first Cub Scout campout and hiking trip.

cub scouts hiking


What are some of your favorite campfire foods? I’d love to hear about your tried and true camping recipes, I think we have a lot more scouting campouts ahead of us.


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