two great products for cat owners

Three Great Products For Cat Owners

Three Great Products for Cat Owners post is sponsored by Single Edition Media on behalf of Ceva Cat.

I’ve owned a dog most of my life, but it wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that we acquired our first cat. Apparently, some information from websites like would be handy when looking to better understand how to take care of a cat but I didn’t get the memo at the time! My friend recommended their articles to me. If only I read them sooner! The past few years have been a learning experience for me. I thought that most of my worries would be which food to buy or how often to clean a litter box, but I quickly realized that was just the basics of cat ownership. Cats are much quieter (or least most of the time) and agile than dogs, so I struggled with keeping them off countertops, kitchen tables, and other forbidden areas. I was perplexed when our indoor-only cats suddenly had fleas; how does an indoor cat contract fleas? This is when the idea of buying cat worming treatments and flea treatments for the cat becomes a priority.
Today I’m sharing three great products for cat owners and a few of my woes as a relatively new cat owner.

great products for cat owners

Did you know that we have a dog named Kitty? Our Rottweiler is named Kitty. She along with our terrier mix Matlida and our three cats, can create chaos in the house. I mentioned above that our indoor only cats once contracted fleas. We treat our dogs with flea and tick medication, but that doesn’t prevent them from occasionally carrying them inside. Our cats and dogs play with each other, which resulted in an exchange of fleas. Sometimes fleas can get out of hand, we can’t always catch them in time, it happens! But calling people like Future Services who can help with pest control like fleas and prevention for the future means I can rest a bit easier knowing it’s covered.

Great Products For Cat Owners:

Catego™ is a powerful new flea and tick medication formulated just for cats. It doesn’t matter if you have indoor or outdoor cats, flea and tick production is important. Fleas can contribute to skin conditions and certain types of intestinal worms, and ticks carry other diseases. Catego™ is a topical preventative only for cats that’s easy to apply with a patented tube and applicator. It kills fleas within 6 hours, which is half the time of comparable brands. Catego™ uses one low volume formula that is safe for cats over 1.5 pounds and 8 weeks of age. It kills four varieties of ticks including Brown Dog Ticks, American Dog Ticks, One Star Ticks and Deer Ticks through all life stages. Currently Catego™ is available through Amazon and most veterinarians, and will be available in PetSmart. You can find where it is currently available using this link.


great products for cat owners



It’s early in the season for fleas and ticks, but we’ve seen good results so far.

Do you have a cat that you’re struggling with stress-behaviors such as scratching, hiding or spraying urine? These issues, especially urination, can be really frustrating for a homeowner watching their furniture getting destroyed by unhealthy habits. You can find ways to prevent your cat from peeing on the couch by finding the reasoning behind their odd behaviour. One of our cats in particular likes to scratch. Tucker really struggled following the death of our French Bulldog Bob last spring. They had been friends since he was a kitten and he mourned for months. It wasn’t until he started to experience unexplained hair loss, that we figured out that it was stress related. We were told that Feliway® might help him cope better.


What is Feliway®? Have you seen a cat rub their head on furniture or around your leg? When cats do that they’re depositing a natural pheromone. Feliway® is a natural copy of that pheromone and cats use it to feel safe. It’s available in several products including a travel spray and wipes, while Feliway® Multicat is available in a diffuser. Feliway® was created to help cats feel more comfortable in their environment, without the use of drugs.



Do you have a cat that sprays urine? Feliway® helped to reduce urine spraying in 9 out of 10 cats after one month of continuous use. Feliway® helped to reduce scratching in 8 out of 10 cats within 7 days of use. The product is non-sedating, and has no contraindications with other treatments or conditions. In clinical trials, Feliway® help cats cope better with a change of environment such as moves or traveling.

Feliway® Multicat contains a copy of the natural pheromone produced by momma cats. This pheromone helps cats/kittens to bond and get along. In a clinical study, 84% of cat owners stated they saw an improvement in their cats behavior following the use of Feliway® Multicat. It is used to decrease animosity between cats and create a more peaceful environment. The Feliway® Multicat diffuser is easy use because you just plug it in.


Feliway products and Feliway® Multicat are both available at most veterinary offices and you can find the closest location here.

Are there any other must-have or great products for cat owners that you think I should know about? I’d love to share your suggestions with the rest of my readers, so please feel free to shoot me an email. In the mean time, I hope you’ll check out Catego™, Feliway® and Feliway® Multicat.

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