French Macarons, the 5 second rule & Cassis, France

July 28, 2016
cap canaille

The very last stop on our 12 day Grand Mediterranean Cruise was the port in Toulon, France. We docked on a Sunday, which left me with a bitter taste in my mouth; the French bakery that I had planned on getting macarons in was closed. There is a law in France that requires businesses to close on Sundays unless they’re in certain cities during specified times of the year and directly related to tourism; sadly, macarons are not considered essential. While planning our shore excursions, I met a couple over on the Cruise Critic website that wanted to share a Toulon shore excursion through Provence Connection tours. The price was reasonable and the itinerary was good, and we ended up with two terrific travel companions for the day and a wonderful driver with a tour of Cap Canaille, Cassis, and a winery in Bandol.

cap canaille

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Honeymoon Cruises: The Ultimate Post-Wedding Adventure

October 28, 2015

Weddings can take a lot of preparation, but when you’ve said your vows, signed the register and partied the night away at the reception, it’s time to go on a honeymoon. Cruises are an amazing way to spend the first few days or weeks with your new spouse; you’ll get to see more of the world, you’ll only have to unpack once and you’ll be in the lap of luxury on a floating palace on the high seas. There are a wide variety of southampton cruises available for varying budgets and level of adventure.

honeymoon cruises
Image by Traveloscopy used under Creative Commons License.

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