Three Great Products For Cat Owners

April 9, 2017
two great products for cat owners

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I’ve owned a dog most of my life, but it wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that we acquired our first cat. Apparently, some information from websites like would be handy when looking to better understand how to take care of a cat but I didn’t get the memo at the time! My friend recommended their articles to me. If only I read them sooner! The past few years have been a learning experience for me. I thought that most of my worries would be which food to buy or how often to clean a litter box, but I quickly realized that was just the basics of cat ownership.
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Cats are much quieter (or least most of the time) and agile than dogs, so I struggled with keeping them off countertops, kitchen tables, and other forbidden areas. I was perplexed when our indoor-only cats suddenly had fleas; how does an indoor cat contract fleas? This is when the idea of buying cat worming treatments and flea treatments for the cat becomes a priority.
Today I’m sharing three great products for cat owners and a few of my woes as a relatively new cat owner.
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great products for cat owners

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