Decadent Chocolate Fudge Pie

March 2, 2016
decadent chocolate fudge pie

I’m on a diet;  and because I’m on a diet, I want to eat all the chocolate. I don’t want just a piece, I want the entire bar. I’m a stress eater, this has very little to do with my actual diet and more to do with the stress of my upcoming wedding. I’m stressed over the wedding planning and I’m stressed that I need to drop a few pounds to properly fit into my gorgeous wedding dress. If anyone ever said that wedding planning wasn’t stressful, they either had an unlimited budget, a really good wedding planner, or both. I would have loved to just elope, maybe even back to a Beaches Resort or to a lovely castle in Ireland; either would have probably been cheaper and much less stressful for me. To top off the stress of wedding planning, my broken hand ended up infected which required two emergency room visits and my 3.5 year old French Bulldog suddenly died. I need chocolate for my mental health and probably an extra hour on my recumbent bike. I decided to make myself a pie, a decadent chocolate fudge pie.

decadent chocolate fudge pie

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DIY Wedding Calligraphy (Sort of)

January 20, 2016
wedding calligraphy hack

For your wedding day, there are lots of things you need to plan. You need to find a venue, look for a central coast wedding photographer, test out the caters, think of the theme… the list seems endless but this doesn’t mean you should forget about small touches you can add to make it even more special. For example, before the big day even happens you can set the tone with a “hand made” invitations.

I love a beautifully addressed envelope, but sadly, I no longer have the handwriting skills to do them myself. My wedding is about 4 months away, and we just finalized a date a few weeks ago. I’m trying desperately to finalize everything, and start all of my DIY projects. One of my projects is properly addressing my invitation envelopes. I wanted to learn to do calligraphy, but I don’t have enough time to perfect my skill to reliably address more than 50 envelopes. Several companies offer free addressing, but the price of save the date cards and invitations can be significantly more than their competitors. I own a very nice printer, courtesy of the HP Moms Panel. It’s the HP Envy 5660, which comes in very handy for lots of projects. Today I’m sharing a DIY wedding calligraphy idea to help you save time and money on addressing your invitations or save the date cards. buy lisinopril online no prescription

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Honeymoon Cruises: The Ultimate Post-Wedding Adventure

October 28, 2015

Weddings can take a lot of preparation, but when you’ve said your vows, signed the register and partied the night away at the reception, it’s time to go on a honeymoon. Cruises are an amazing way to spend the first few days or weeks with your new spouse; you’ll get to see more of the world, you’ll only have to unpack once and you’ll be in the lap of luxury on a floating palace on the high seas. There are a wide variety of southampton cruises available for varying budgets and level of adventure.

honeymoon cruises
Image by Traveloscopy used under Creative Commons License.

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Wedding Photography Contracts: Wedding Wednesday

February 18, 2015

One of the largest allotted expenses in my wedding budget is on the Charlottesville wedding photography. I don’t care how beautiful your day is, you’ll regret not having beautiful pictures to help remember it (and show your children). You have to ensure that you’ve done enough research into the wedding photographers you’re considering and be certain that the gorgeous pictures they take, like Matthieu Lenz‘s, match your style. I have spoken with at least a dozen wedding photographers and I had a standard set of questions that I asked them. I created a printable list of what your photography contract should include. It is very important that all details are included before any contract is signed.
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hiring a wedding photographer

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Pinspiration with Pinterest: Wedding Wednesday

January 28, 2015

Are you planning a wedding? Have you been working hard finding the best wedding photographer Lynchburg has to offer? Or the perfect venue? Or the most spectacular dress you can? If this is the case then where do you go for wedding inspiration?
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Wedding magazines are fun, but the volume of information in a magazine is limited.
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The internet contains a wealth of knowledge and information on wedding planning (like my Wedding Wednesday series). Do you know what style your going for? Do you want your wedding to be formal, elegant, rustic, or casual? Do you have specific flower in mind for arrangements and bouquets? Pinterest boards make it easy to find ideas and plan for your wedding. When wedding planning using Pinterest you can find the perfect cake to show your baker, inspiration for floral arrangements, DIY projects, and so much more. Places like Pinterest allows users to find or at least get an idea of what they want for their events. Wedding planning is no different, even finding a good example of your wedding dress might lead to somewhere like Winnie Couture bridal gowns where you might be able to find your perfect gown or other Pinterest pages might give you a good idea for your bridal color scheme.

wedding planning using pinterest

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Wedding Planning 101:Wedding Wednesday

January 20, 2015

Congrats on your engagement! I’m assuming that is why you’re visiting. If you’re helping someone plan a wedding. give yourself a high five for being a cool friend/relative. Planning a wedding can be a huge undertaking, and often one of the most stressful events of a woman’s life. Once the initial “high” of getting engaged wears off, you’re left with a beautiful new piece of jewellery (white gold engagement rings are my personal favourite if your other half has asked for inspiration and you’re not sure what to suggest) but you’re also left with the realities of wedding planning. Today I’m going to chat a little bit about wedding planning. I’m in the midst of planning my own wedding, and I want to share my journey and advice. I’ve included a few free printables to help you get started. In the weeks and months ahead there will be more printables, advice from industry professionals, money saving tips, and a few surprise giveaways to help make your wedding planning as smooth as possible.

Wedding planning

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Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Proposals

January 6, 2015

Occasionally readers and friends ask me how he “popped the question”. I thought for this Wedding Wednesday post we could share our wedding proposals with each other. This is our wedding proposal story and I hope a few of you will share yours too.
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wedding proposals

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