Call to Action: Domestic Violence and Dating, Child Fatality

February 20, 2013

Warning: This article touches on very sensitive topics so if you’re triggered by the topic of domestic violence then I advise you to stop reading. If you’ve been affected by domestic violence then it’s important you seek legal help to protect yourself. Similarly, if you’ve been wrongly accused of domestic violence then it’s important you talk to a Criminal Defense Lawyer Fort Worth Tx to help fight the charges.

Unfortunately, most people do not realize how easy it is to let your government leadership know how you feel. Generally a quick call to their offices will do. There are two proposed bills that need our support. House Bill 9 and House Bill 290 both deal with issues related to domestic violence.
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Kentucky House Bill 9 This bill would allow dating couples to get get domestic violence protection orders.

It is unfortunate that Kentucky and South Carolina are the only two States in the Nation that do not allow a dating couple to file for a civil protection order. In Kentucky you can only file for civil protection to couples residing in the same home, have a child together, or have been married. House Bill 9 would allow dating couples to receive the same protection. Civil order are often considered more serious. They are often the most quickly executed, and can be vital to saving someone’s life. Civil orders often have extended time frames.
Here is a link to the actual bill House Bill 9

Kentucky House Bill 290 An act relating to the external child fatality and near fatality review panel. Create a new section of KRS 620 to establish an external child fatality and near fatality review panel; establish its membership, duties, and responsibilities; and amend KRS 620.050 to allow records to be provided to the panel. The provision would allow records to be released to the panel to review fatality and near fatality cases in children who were suspected victims of domestic violence, abuse, or neglect. If you would like to read over HB 290, I have included a link directly to the Bill. Kentucky HB 290

One in four women will experience an episode of domestic violence in her lifetime. My brother and a dear cousin both lost their lives to domestic violence. No child should ever die at the hands of a parent or caregiver. A parent shouldn’t have to grieve over the loss of a child, and it is equally devastating for a sibling. I will never get over losing my brother Brandon, and no family should ever suffer the way we did. My dear cousin Angie lost her mother Cathy at the hands of her father. It is never easy to lose a loved one, but it certainly isn’t easy to lose them at the hands of someone you trusted.

It is very easy to call. The number is 1-502-564-8100. Please remember that legislators are elected by voting districts. If you live in the Lexington-Fayette area here are some contacts. You can let the operator know you support one or both of the proposed bills.
The names you will want to give them are
Julian Caroll x 651
Kathy Stein x608
Tommy Buford x610
Alice Forgy Kerr x625
Stan Lee
Ruth Ann Palumbo

Click here for the link to legislators by county in Kentucky

Please make your voice heard. Whether you believe it or not, every voice counts.
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Speak up for those that have already lost their lives to domestic violence. Far too many people struggle in silence, and so much more needs to be done to help survivors of domestic violence feel able to get in touch with a denver domestic violence lawyer or a domestic violence law specialist in their area. You really could help save lives with your action.
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Please and Thank You
Happy Thankful Thursday

And please feel free to share the link to this blog. We need to spread the word and make our voices heard!