Calipari the Bluegrass Bear: The New Urgelles Family Addition Thanks to Honda and 4moms

April 23, 2013
Special delivery from Honda

The stork didn’t make a special delivery today but the UPS man did!  Honda sent a new addition to our family and no it wasn’t a new car 😉  Honda and 4moms sent all the Mom 2.0 Summit attendees a very cute teddy bear.

He arrived in a blue confetti filled box, and I realized the only name befitting a Bluegrass Bear would be Calipari.  If you aren’t from the Bluegrass state (heck, you should know this even if you aren’t from Kentucky) our University of Kentucky basketball coach is John Calipari.

Calipari the Bluegrass Bear 

This household bleeds blue no matter what the season but we especially love basketball.
The University of Kentucky Wildcats and Coach Calipari are the 2012 NCAA National Basketball Champions.  Calipari even plans to join his big brother Gabe at the Kentucky Basketball Academy for Wednesdays game.  Our beloved Calipari was almost named Calapari thanks to the autocorrect on my phone wanting to continually change Calipari to Calamari (he is named after a basketball coach, not seafood).  The phone eventually went with Calapari hybrid.

My son is quite fascinated with Calipari and I am looking forward to posting about their mischievous endeavors.  I’m sure the two of them will be up to no good!  Welcome to the Bluegrass Calipari the Bear!

Calipari showing University of Kentucky football Coach Stoops some love while playing basketball

Happy Manic Monday!