Finding Your Voice: Advocacy Starts With Advocating for Yourself

May 7, 2013

I’m not sure why I have always found it easier to stand up for others than to stand up for myself.  I have often sat aimlessly around while others bullied, lied, and hurt me.  I would forgive them time and time again.  When it came to my standing up for my friends or others, I always reacted very differently.  It was much easier to be firm and focused.  It took me a very long time to realize that if I didn’t stand up for myself, how could I stand up for anyone else?  The last few months I have advocated for global pediatric vaccine access, domestic violence victim provisions, military mental health legislation, and third world mothers.  Who was advocating for the military spouse or the military child?  Who advocated to the “psuedo” single mom?  In reality, who was advocating for me?

People can call me a “whistle blower”. They can scold me for airing my dirty laundry.  I am just tired of the ugly protecting the ugly.  I don’t need to make up stories, or pretend that I am something I am not.  When I talk to someone about the safety of vaccines, I always have my scientific research to backup my claims.  You might need to show me some scientific evidence to validate your claims or read my research to validate mine.  I don’t operate on propaganda.  I don’t need to lie because the truth always comes out in the wash. If you want to make me out to be a liar, you had better make sure I can’t make one out of you first.

This is a good piece of advice anyone.  If you have a bad dog that is roaming the neighborhood creating havoc, you might want to put it on a leash before someone calls the pound.  One bad dog can take down a house, especially when it bites someone who isn’t afraid to bite back.  I can easily point out the bad dog, the bad owner, the bad house, and the bad community.  I have a voice that people respond to and I am not afraid to use it, especially against a fear biting dog.  I always make sure my hands are clean before I point fingers, you should make sure your hands are clean too!

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