If Love Could Have Saved You…

May 25, 2013
I stole this from my sister 

Brandon and I were 13 months apart, there wasn’t a moment in a my life that I don’t remember having
him around.  The pain of losing him was nearly unbearable.  I often sit and watch the clock on May 25th, thinking about what our lives were like that day before he died.  We never saw it coming, and I’m sure he didn’t either.

Brittney, Lauren, Renae, and I were sitting at Tapas in downtown Lexington the very last time I heard his voice.  He called and I answered, but only briefly.  I was enjoying dinner and drinks with my girlfriends before heading into a night of work at UK.  I wish I would have talked longer.  I will be forever grateful for the last few seconds of conversation and a final I love you.

Our lives have changed dramatically since he left us.  We have three new babies in the family.  My sister is engaged, and I am getting divorced.  His daughters have grown up so much, and he would be so proud of the little women they are becoming.  The last few weeks I have needed you more than ever and I guess you are listening to my prayers.

There will never be words to describe how much you are missed.  Your laughter and antics, you always knew how to make anyone laugh.  I hope you know how much are loved and cherished.  I know that you would like nothing more than to teach your two nephews to fish, hunt, and play football.  It is a somber day for our family.  I take solace in knowing that heaven is a little goofier place because you are there.

Today instead of remembering the day you were stolen from us, I will remember the days that we shared.  Our first trip to Disney World, breaking my leg racing you on a bicycle, and the time you nearly knocked me out playing “balance beam” on the edge of our parents water bed.  The absolutely ridiculous stuff like trying to light your farts are some of the most amusing moments of my life.  

I love you Brandon Michael Peace.  
You might have left this earth but you will never be forgotten.
December 15 1981- May 25, 2009  

Happy Sorrowful Saturday,

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  1. I have so many memories with Brandon. When we were kids we like like Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. We were always getting into trouble. While Stanley was gone to barbor college I thought we would for shore drive Lisa crazy. People called us peanut butter and jelly. You didnt see one with out the other. The last time I spoke to Brandon I sat down for a hair cut and we talked about “the good ole days” and how complicated life had become.

  2. A memory from Josh Collins:

    I tried to comment on this post but it didn’t go through. I didn’t set up the account. But I will post here. One of the many times that we shared was when we took his ford probe up on a strip job in clay County. It was one of the first times we hung out. I learned a valuable lesson that night. Never try to get with a girl your talking to’s best friend. Haha

  3. A memory from Russell Stamper:

    Thanks for tagging me Jess, I enjoyed the story and pics, I miss him like crazy, for several years Brandon and I were inseperable and there is all kinds of memories that we shared from football our sr. year and nights out on the town crusing the big town of b-ville to fourwheeling in the mountains around kayjay. Even though we had our own things to do I knew and he did too, that all either of us had to do was make a call and the other would be there, that’s one of the toughest things to realize now. I can’t call him when I need help now or to just say hey. He LOVED my moms peanut butter pies, he could eat a whole one by himself. I wished I could take him one now. RIP Bro, I love and miss ya.

  4. A memory from Brandon Griffith:

    The best memories I have of Brandon was when he lived with me. All the time we spent just hanging around the house or working around it trying to earn some extra cash to hit the town Friday or Saturday nights. Getting ready for prom together our senior year and graduation. But it was all of us. Russell, Josh, Mitchell. All of us brothers together. I could set here and mention and say some memories but where does one start. Like Russ said. We were there for each other and we always had each others back. No matter what. Even though time and distance separated us we were still always there and would always be there. It’s going to be a sweet day once we are all together again. I love you and miss you Bub.

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