The Unconditional Love of a Dog: Multi V-1 BOSS Siegerin AKC/UKC Ch Jailbirds Natural Disaster

August 12, 2013
Naya and her son Will at our home, Christmas 2008

Naya was terrified the first time we met her.  A Delta baggage handler had accidentally let her loose while watering her after a close to 24 hour flight from Slovakia.  She was running free on the tarmac at Atlanta airport, and she didn’t make it easy for anyone to catch her.  A gate guard offered us a bag of Cheetos, and they were just enticing enough for us to snag her.  Expect the unexpected would be the legacy for our Naya, Jailbirds Natural Disaster.  

Our ride home from Atlanta was fairly uneventful.  We realized she loved McDonald’s chicken nuggets and ice cream, but she hated french fries.  She adored Arturo and I from that day forward.  

Naya was reacquired by her breeder from her initial owner.  She was born in Texas, and lived there briefly with another family.  We suspected, he didn’t always show Naya the kindness or care she deserved.  She left the U.S. with her breeders to go to their kennel in Slovakia for training.  The first glimpse we saw of her was on a video. She was doing schutzhund work and chasing a gigantic red ball.  

She would surprise us a second time at her first vet visit.  The vet came in and told us that Naya had heartworms, on examination her heart was enlarged and we should return her.  We contacted her breeders who left the decision up to us.  They would pay for treatment and we could keep her, or we could give her up.  The moment we caught her on the runway she was ours, and we never second guessed our decision to stand by her.  

Naya winning a Working Group 2nd

A few short weeks after treatment we attended the Medallion Rottweiler Club specialty in Chicago.  Little did they know that the timid little rottweiler we were nursing back to health, would go on to win the largest class at the Rottweiler National Specialty the following spring.  I am sure many people who saw in her Chicago thought we would be lucky to finish her championship, let alone accomplish what we did.  

She took her very first point owner handled by my novice husband on a very competitive January circuit day. It was her first time in the ring.  Her first major win was their next weekend out, taking 4 more points toward her championship and Best of Opposite Sex over a nationally ranked females.  Beautifully handled by B.J. Barnhart she won the American Bred class at the ARC National specialty over 41 other gorgeous girls.  She went on to take her first working group placement before she finished her championship, taking Best of Breed from the classes and winning second place in the Working Group.  Her show career was incredible, and she was stunning to watch in the ring.  She followed along in the footprints of her legendary father Multi V-1 Multi Ch Gil Crni Lotos, half brothers Pascha and Lazer, and sister Nadia.  

My two babies, Naya and Gabe Oct 2011

Winning in the ring could never compare to what she did out of the ring.  She was loyal, loving, and goofy.  She would win over anyone who met her.  My grandmother who was terrified of rottweilers, fell in love with her too.  Naya helped raise more human babies, than she did puppies.  She whelped one litter of 3, all of whom were equally special as she.  I will forever cherish the photos of Gabe, Alyssa, Jenesis, Branton, Riley, and Naya. 

Naya on my grandparents farm, chasing a beloved tennis ball

Naya was born on July 18, 2000.  She was known by her breeders as the special pink girl, who ran her litter.  She eventually became the grey haired old lady who ran our home and our hearts.  Today, I say goodbye to one of my oldest friends.  

I am attempting to show her the same unconditional love that she showed me.  Goodbye my sweet girl, your mom Katka, dad Gil, sis Natia, niece Party, sis Nikita, Aunt Foa, Lady, Grizzley, and your kiddos Jane, Will, and Hoo-Ah will all be waiting at rainbow bridge to greet you. You don’t have to suffer a day longer. I have been selfish to keep you as long as I have. You were my first baby, and you will always hold a place in my heart.

Til we meet again my precious girl,
Love Mom

                                                             Multi V-1 BOSS Siegerin AKC/UKC CH
Jailbirds Natural Disaster

Respected Source Validation Level

Female Rottweiler  7/18/2000-8/12/2013
Breeder: Taunya Griffin-Mravik & Gillian Black
AKC WP99190302
UKC P417-010
OFA Hips RO-65342E50F-PI   Excellent   (50months)
CHIC 1904
OFA Elbows OFA DJD I @50 months of age/ ED- Slovak
OFA Cardiac RO-CA1595/42F/C-PI
CERF RO-4920/2004-42
Sire: FCI/Am/Can/Aust/Hun/Slovak/Yug CH
Gil Crni Lotos
IPO I, RO-57067G29M-T, RO-EL2674M29-T
Dam: V-1 Katka Jailbirds Mra-Zus RO-58723G24F-T
2004 ARC National 1st place American Bred
2005 Dogwood Rottweiler Club BOSS
2005 BWRK V-1 Champion Class
2006 NERF V-1 Champion Class
2007 Seminole 1st Brood Bitch
2006 MRC 2nd Brood Bitch
AKC Group Placing Bitch. Finished AKC Championship with 3 major wins. Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex winner over specials from the classes. Multiple UKC group winning.