Laura Bell Bundy Creates the Kentucky Girl Anthem with Kentucky Dirty

November 19, 2013

Rarely do I get excited when I click on an outside link, but I saw a piece about Laura Bell Bundy’s new single Kentucky Dirty and I wanted to dance.  The video will kinda remind you of a cheesy ad for a Kentucky favorite Ale 8, but in a good way.  Kentucky gals seem to be torn between our love for all things properly southern and our country roots.  What if Kentucky women could be both?  Wait, we are!

Laura Bell Bundy refers to herself as a typical Kentucky girl.   In her own words, Kentucky might be  known for pretty horses and fast women.  Everyone knows that reference could go either way.   She loves the Kentucky Wildcats.  In her latest webisode which can be seen here, she said, “when we get amped up to kick booty as a Wildcat… those kick ass Cats, that is Kentucky Dirty!”

I loved all her blue accents, much more appealing than using any “city chicken” red.  I doubt that you will understand that reference unless you are a Kentucky native.  Our State typically bleeds blue, and our lovely instate neighbors to the North wear red.  Her words really resonate with me personally.  Southern girls need to have fun!  We don’t always have to keep up with the “Joneses'”

This song makes me wanna grab my girls, let my hair down, and get a lil “Kentucky Dirty.”

Happy Melodic Monday,