The Belle Writes a Book

November 21, 2013

Long before this blog came into existence I was encouraged to write.  I wrote short stories, speeches, essays, competition compositions, the dreaded high school portfolio, and more college term papers than I care to count.  I didn’t always have the courage to speak out, and often soothed myself by writing things down.  Some of my very best work was written in tears, along with some of my worst.
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Are you curious yet about my book?  It is a loose autobiography.  I am not sure that my life is book worthy, but I hope it might help others.
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 I have been plagued by unforeseen accidents, tragedy, poor choices, but I have been blessed with good people.  A doctor and his wife, an unlikely friend, a grandmother who never let me down, and son, all of which play an integral part in shaping who I am today.

It might include the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.  I will probably be accused of airing my dirty laundry, some of which might be unfavorable to me.  I write honestly, maybe brutally honest. The only things that filter me are the writing apps that I use and they only filter out the spelling mistakes!  What other people might view as my mistakes, I view as my triumphs.  If one person reads something I wrote and doesn’t feel alone, I have accomplished my goal.  Some of the most beautiful things in my life stemmed from a broken dream.

I have an entire book written in my head.  The words swirl in my brain, and slowly make their way to my computer screen.
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 It is cathartic.  Chapter one written, then chapter two, and suddenly I am making headway on my first novel.  Maybe one day a friend will get her wish and see it made into a Lifetime movie.  I don’t reckon I would mind that as long as they got a cute actress to play me.  

I will give you a preview of the heroine.  If Scarlett O’Hara, Pollyanna, Serena van der Woodsen, Jessie Spano, and Ada Monroe were not fictional characters, I would jokingly assume they could be found in my family tree.  The words clumsy, witty, bossy, occasionally ill-tempered, goofy, and kind hearted might accurately describe me.  SPOILER ALERT: She meets her prince charming who is disguised as a slightly nerdy but handsome professor, and they live happily ever after.  Don’t quote me on that yet, those chapters are still being written.  

So this Belle is writing a Book and she hopes some of you will eventually read it.
Happy Truthful Thursday,