The Butt Stops Here: Proposed Smoking Bans

February 26, 2014

My hometown has raised a few eyebrows because of the proposed extensive smoking ban. The ban would make it illegal to smoke in/around public places and businesses. Hopefully, more people will make the switch from cigarettes to vapes. Using premium e liquids vendors like Nasty Juice can make the transition very easy. Personally, I would like to high five anyone who proposed such an ordinance. As a writer/journalist/blogger, I wholeheartedly believe in constitutional rights. Smokers have been in an uproar because the ordinance prohibits their constitutional “right” to smoke, but what about my constitutional “right” to breathe clean air?

In live in a town where it isn’t common to bump into a small child that smells as if they had been chain smoking a carton of cigarettes. Who is protecting that child’s constitutional rights and health? Children shouldn’t be plagued with asthma and bronchitis because their caregivers choose to smoke. Why doesn’t someone propose an ordinance to protect children? Adults can walk away or ask someone not to smoke, but what about an infant or child? States have banned cell phone usage and/or texting in automobiles, why can’t you make smoking in an enclosed space with a minor a fineable offense?
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As controversial as smoking can be, there is no denying how difficult it must be to quit. Fortunately, nowadays there are safer alternatives to smoking such as vaping that can make it somewhat easier to quit over a gradual period. E-cigarettes that rely on e-liquids such as those in the Keep it 100 range, allow smokers to get their nicotine fix while being exposed to far less harmful chemicals. Correspondingly, a friend of mine is actually in the process of stopping smoking and has found that vaping has made the transition much easier. Thanks to the wide range of vape deals out there, she was able to get some vaping products at an affordable price. Conquering an addiction is all about changing your behavior and if vaping can help someone to give up smoking for good, then it should definitely be taken seriously.

Nonetheless, we must still think of the effects second hand smoke can have on our children. What is the definition of child abuse?
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Merriam-Webster defines child abuse as a crime of inflicting physical or emotional injury on a child. According to a study published in The American Journal of Public Health, 50 percent of infants who had mothers that smoke would be hospitalized for respiratory infections in the first year of life. Smoking can also cause a predisposition for asthma and worsen asthma related symptoms.

Public smoking bans are great and help provide clean air, but are they protecting those that need protected?
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Banning all cigarette and smoking tobacco usage is unconstitutional, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to protect children from the effects of second-hand smoke. Maybe smokers should also realize the health impacts on themselves and others around them as they put the flame to their cigarette and look into smoking alternatives for quitting. If you’re thinking of quitting, read this.

Happy Wellness Wednesday,