PinkLouLou Hair and Makeup: Wedding Wednesday

May 21, 2014

Last week, I blogged about my experience wedding dress shopping and winning a giveaway from Twirl Boutique. The giveaway included a hair and makeup session from PinkLouLou Design Studio before I tried on wedding dresses. It might seem silly, but it really helped in the decision making process. I felt more confident, and I could picture what I would look like on my wedding day.

Allison, the owner and “Director of Glitter” after she finished my hair and makeup

I wish I had taken a photo of myself before I walked in. My hair is naturally curly, and I blow dry it as infrequently as possible. I took a shower, applied some hair product, and left with a damp head of hair. Allison is really a miracle worker. I was absolutely amazed at how flawlessly she styled my hair. I rarely wear my hair up for formal events, and I decided to let her try something different.

I’m amazed, that is actually my hair.  

After she finished my hair but before she started my makeup.
I didn’t give her much guidance with my hair or makeup. I was in the mood to try something different, so I let her work her magic. 
Allison was sweet and genuine. We chatted while she “dolled” me up. I discovered she is a blogger too, and was even part of American Blogger. Her personality made the experience so much more enjoyable. It can be awkward when someone you don’t know is doing your hair and makeup for the first time, she helped make the experience fun.  

It was the first time I ever had airbrush makeup, and it made my skin look as flawless as possible for a 33 year old. I don’t wear tons of makeup, and Allison gave me a very natural look.

I would not hesitate to hire or recommend Allison for any special occasion that would require hair and makeup. She is located in Lexington, Kentucky, but services most of Central Kentucky. It was a wonderful experience, and I loved meeting Allison.

Here are a  few hair and makeup tips for your big day:

  • Don’t try out any new facial products or makeup in the weeks leading up to your wedding. You could have a reaction and it can take your skin time to adjust to new products. You don’t need a break out on your big day!
  • Hire someone to do your hair and makeup, or find someone reliable to do it for you. You shouldn’t stress about doing your own hair and makeup on your big day. You deserve a little free time to enjoy being pampered. 
  • Don’t try out new hairstyles or makeup on your wedding day. My sister paid someone to do her hair for her senior prom, it turned out horrific. I drove down to redo her hair and makeup (along with several of her friends), it was a stressful experience for both of us. If you want to try something new, make sure to do a trial run several days in advance. 
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with new hairstyles or makeup trends BEFORE the wedding. Pinterest is a great way to find hair and makeup ideas. Find something that flatters you and your dress. 

Any suggestions for upcoming Wedding Wednesday pieces? I would love to hear suggestions.

Happy Wedding Wednesday,