MassMutual reminds us “Love is a Gift”

November 3, 2014

Tracking Pixel There is nothing quite like the love a mother has for her child. I was married 8 years before I got pregnant with Gabe. I thought I would “start” my own life before I had children, but I realized my life really didn’t begin until I had him. His love is the greatest gift that I have ever received. I am amazed at how my love for him continually grows, and the love he gives me in return. Thank you to MassMutual for sponsoring today’s post, and reminding us that #LoveIsAGift.


MassMutual Financial Group® helps individuals protect their families through financial planning. Who wants to leave a financial mess for your loved ones in the event of death or disability? It would just be heartbreaking! Unfortunately, though, there are millions of people around the world who don’t take the time to speak to a professional financial advisor when they have the time, and so they will find that their finances won’t have been sufficiently planned for such eventualities than if they did reach out for help. I know what I’ll be doing that’s for sure, irrespective of who I turn to for help. Nowadays finances can come in a myriad of ways especially as we have turned to the cryptocurrency era. If you want to leave something for your family with cryptocurrency then it may be best to check Independent Reserve for assistance in this area, you can then discuss what you want to do with your financial advisor. To make sure that the chances of this happening are reduced, MassMutual created the #LoveIsAGift campaign to celebrate the people that matter most in our lives.


Easter Seals is a nonprofit organization that supports families of individuals with disabilities, and individuals with disabilities, whether it is a veteran returning from war or a disabled child. You may not know it yet, but this could be a turning point in your life that you never knew you needed. Living with, or knowing someone who has a disability puts a strain on the whole family, even more so when they have to look into the long term disability cost when they’re worried that they can’t go to work and earn their income. Places like Easter Seals can be a lifesaver in just being able to offer you specialist help and advice when you need it the most. They provide support through advocacy, education, outreach, and physical rehabilitation. MassMutual has a longstanding partnership with Easter Seals.

There are so many people that have made a profound impact on my life; you read about my son Gabe, but there are also my parents, grandparents, siblings, and my fiance. You can honor your relationship with someone you love and donate to Easter Seals. There are two easy ways to prompt a donation from MassMutual: you can upload from your computer to the website, or by sharing a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #LoveIsAGift, and share a short caption about why you love them. MassMutual plans to donate $1 for every photo uploaded up to $50,000.

Please note that a share directly through Twitter will NOT trigger a donation.


Have questions or want to hear more about the #LoveIsAGift campaign? Mark your calendars and join us for the #LoveIsAGift Twitter party. It will be held on Wednesday, November 5 from 11:00 AM to Noon EST.

My maternal grandparents

Love is a gift; Who are you grateful for and why?


This post is sponsored by MassMutual but all opinions contained herein are my own.

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