Wedding Planning 101:Wedding Wednesday

January 20, 2015

Congrats on your engagement! I’m assuming that is why you’re visiting. If you’re helping someone plan a wedding. give yourself a high five for being a cool friend/relative. Planning a wedding can be a huge undertaking, and often one of the most stressful events of a woman’s life. Once the initial “high” of getting engaged wears off, you’re left with a beautiful new piece of jewellery (white gold engagement rings are my personal favourite if your other half has asked for inspiration and you’re not sure what to suggest) but you’re also left with the realities of wedding planning. Today I’m going to chat a little bit about wedding planning. I’m in the midst of planning my own wedding, and I want to share my journey and advice. I’ve included a few free printables to help you get started. In the weeks and months ahead there will be more printables, advice from industry professionals, money saving tips, and a few surprise giveaways to help make your wedding planning as smooth as possible.

Wedding planning

There are a few basic things you need to consider when you begin wedding planning.
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You’ll need to set a date. I would consult your immediate family and potential bridal party first. Schedules are crazy and you need to make sure that important people don’t already have something planned for your tentative date.

Choose your bridal party, and choose it wisely; these guys and gals will stand beside you on your big day. They will either help or hinder your happiness. Bridesmaids will be responsible for helping you find the perfect dress, their own wedding attire, possibly helping with wedding details, and will be responsible for your bachelorette party and bridal/household shower. It is good to have friends/family that are a mixture of fun and responsibility.
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😉 Check out my Pinterest board for a few great ideas to help you “pop the question”.

You also need to start thinking about whether you are going to provide any entertainment for your guests. For example, will there be a magician, a DJ or a mentalist at the post reception event to entertain your guests? If so, hired entertainers can be booked months in advance, so you can start looking now.

Decide on a budget. You should be realistic and firm. Many brides (like myself) will be responsible for the bulk of wedding costs. A big beautiful wedding (or my big fat southern wedding as I like to refer to my occasion) is great and might make you happy at that moment, but maybe not if you’re paying off huge credit card bills months/years later.

Research, research, research.. There are so many budget-friendly options/resources available that could help you cut costs. It might be worth scouring the internet for a few hours a day to find deals or bargains. You’ll also need to do lots of research on your venue, caterers, and entertainment company before booking anything. For example, if you’ve been looking at wedding chapels Gatlinburg TN, have a look around and see which chapel takes your fancy. Don’t just settle for the cheapest if it isn’t your dream venue!

Keep a list of potential guests. It has taken Jeremy and I months to put ours together. You certainly don’t want anyone to feel left out, and it is very easy to accidentally overlook someone.
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The sooner you can establish a set number of guests, the easier it will be to plan catering. Regardless of whether you use the best wedding catering in christchurch or Sydney, most firms will need confirmation a good while ahead of the reception to ensure they can prepare everything ready so it runs as smoothly as possible. It may be worth asking the catering firm before you book so you know what sort of time frame you have to work with to figure out how many people will be attending.

Here are a few coordinating printable pages to help make your planning easier. You should be able to click and save. You can print and put them in a folder/binder for reference. I left space on the Wedding Planner page to head over to Canva to insert your name and date. Voila! Customized wedding planner.

wedding planning

Wedding Planner

Wedding Budget

wedding guest list

The third column on the potential wedding guest list is for the number of guests you expect to attend with your invitee (this would be for spouses, significant others, and children).

I hope these printables help.

I would love to hear about topics that you would like covered on Wedding Wednesday (or any other post). I love hearing from readers. What are your wedding planning struggles?


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