Wedding Photography Contracts: Wedding Wednesday

February 18, 2015

One of the largest allotted expenses in my wedding budget is on the Charlottesville wedding photography. I don’t care how beautiful your day is, you’ll regret not having beautiful pictures to help remember it (and show your children). You have to ensure that you’ve done enough research into the wedding photographers you’re considering and be certain that the gorgeous pictures they take, like Matthieu Lenz‘s, match your style. I have spoken with at least a dozen wedding photographers and I had a standard set of questions that I asked them. I created a printable list of what your photography contract should include. It is very important that all details are included before any contract is signed.
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hiring a wedding photographer

My first tip is to browse websites/portfolios of local photographers. You need to decide what type of photography that you like. For example, I took a look at Ursula McCollam Photography and liked her shots. That led to me deciding I prefer a natural light photographer that doesn’t heavily edit. I don’t like photos that are too trendy or have too many overlays. You have to find someone that shoots pictures that you like. Don’t show a photographer photos that another photographer took, and expect them to shoot something similar. Photography is a form of art, and every artist is different.

Here are a few types of wedding photography styles; I suggest you do your research to become familiar with the options:

  • Traditional/Classic- Very posed
  • Photojournalism- Think action
  • Natural Light- Uses natural light instead of flash photography
  • High Fashion- Artsy and more magazine like
  • Illustrative- Can be a mixture of traditional, photojournalism, and natural light
  • Portraiture- Formally posed portraits

Of course, there are other types of photography that you may prefer so if you ask around, you will certainly find a style that suits you best. You could also opt to have various photography styles at your wedding if you wanted to, or, you could opt for one professional style and then have a photo booth to capture yourself and wedding guests having fun and being silly. Photo booths, like those on this website, have become very popular at weddings, especially when backgrounds can be customised and props are involved. Whatever you choose, always remember to ask to see the photographer’s contract when you first contact them. This should outline guaranteed services, deposits, and payment schedule if available.

wedding photography contract

Here is a full list of a few things your wedding photography contract should include (feel free to print it). If you click the image it should direct you to a high resolution pdf.
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What should a wedding photography

If you’re planning a wedding in Kentucky here are a few photographers that I suggest checking out:

Lisa Hammond Photography– When she wasn’t available for my original date, she happily suggested other photographers.

Dani Ford Photography– Artsy photographer that lives in the town where I am getting married

Melanie Mauer– She has been the photographer at events for several friends and a relative

Hanna Salonen– She was quick to follow up and see if I had any questions

Amy Wallen Photography– She has a cute little camper that she rents

Angela Anderson– She did a beautiful job photographing the wedding of two friends

Check back and I’ll add photographers from time to time. I would love to hear from readers that can recommend a photographer whose work they appreciate.

Final words of advice:

  • Don’t be afraid to check with photographers that in other parts of the state. The travel fee for many photographers can be quite reasonable.
  • Be prepared to find an alternative photographer if your date is already booked. Good photographers generally only book one wedding a day. Wedding dates in late spring, summer, or early fall are often booked solid many months in advance for quality photographers.
  • Ask lots of questions. You should feel comfortable with whomever you book. They should be ready to help your beauty and personality shine on your big day.
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Good luck on your search!