Life On A Farm Can Be Dirty

March 30, 2015

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I may not deal with the cattle, but the rest of the farm can be just as dirty. I spent part of last summer wading through dirt and mud to work in the garden; this year we already have a new flock of chicks and seeds started in greenhouse trays. Gabe is typically in the middle of everything, trying to “help” me. It’s easy for his dirty little hands to wipe dirt and germs near his mouth, and then I have to deal with a sick child. We don’t always have access to soap and water out on the farm, which makes washing your hands nearly impossible. I found a solution to that dirty little hand washing problem. PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes let us sanitize our hands without running in the house to the bathroom or contaminating every doorknob in the house getting there. I also found that carrying around a bottle of Hand Sanitizer Canada was particularly convenient when I needed to quickly sanitize my hands before entering the house.

purell sanitizing hand wipes

They’re cute aren’t they? That’s the first flock of laying hens for Hall Farms. They can wreak havoc on your household if you aren’t careful. They can carry germs and it’s easier to transmit than you think. I care for them and handle them several times a day, and Gabe likes to go down to visit. I want them to get used to us, and that requires that we routinely interact with them. Did I mention they’re in my basement? So Jeremy, Gabe, and I pick up a chick and play with it…One of us has to open the door to the room they are in and the bathroom door as well. What if we picked up germs on our hands too? The PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes are handy because we don’t have to leave the room before cleaning our hands. I don’t have to worry about contaminated door handles or what Gabe decided to touch on his way to wash his hands (at least not after handling the chickens). I just keep a canister of wipes on the top of the box until the chicks are big enough to be moved to their coop outside. I can continue using the wipes when I am out working with the chickens or around their coop.

purell hand sanitizing wipes

plymouth barred rock chick

baby chick

baby chicks

Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes

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I picked up our canisters at our local Walmart in the household cleaning aisle. I also know there are two ways to save. There’s a coupon available to save $1 on any PURELL® Wipes Canister or any $1 off any two PURELL® products. They also have a brand loyalty program with information available on their website.

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    1. They’re cute but they’re also a lot of work. I keep telling myself I’ll appreciate the eggs in a few months.

  1. Those wipes are super helpful. Aww, I bet you once the eggs start coming you’ll be stoked even with all the hard work. Those eggs are gonna be awesome.

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